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IVF Center in Kerala

Fully equipped Test Tube Baby Centre in Kerala: Now at your disposal

The decision to have a baby is an important and exciting step, not to mention a basic desire of so many couples. Yet, the path to parenthood can sometimes be challenging. In last few years, the numbers of couples suffering from infertility problems have increased significantly.  At Indira IVF Clinic in Kerala, we understand the feelings associated with becoming parents very well and the emotional disrupt a couple go through when they are unable to conceive. Understanding the needs of our patients, we are committed to provide high-quality medical care with an established, success-proven, internationally trained medical team. It is the efforts of our infertility specialist team which makes us deliver the very best care in order to provide the very best outcome. Our IVF center in Kerala has been helping infertile couples from around the world achieve their dream of having a child. The test tube baby centre in Kerala location itself offers more than just the peaceful and stress-free environment that couples need while undergoing IVF treatment. At Indira IVF Clinic Kerala, we realize that every patient is different and needs an individualized approach for overcoming the infertility problems. That’s why, our doctors and medical team work closely with the patient by designing a tailored protocol to cater the various medical needs of every couple keeping in concern the severity of problem, emotional state and age of the couple Indira IVF Center is a unique fertility center in god’s own country Kerala. We specialize in ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) treatments which include IUI, IVF, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy as well as updated variant of IVF, ICSI. As conventional IVF treatment can be expensive and stressful, the goal of the fertility team in kerala is set to provide a gentle, safe, successful and affordable treatment option to all patients who need assisted reproductive technologies. We believe that natural conception is the best way to have a healthy baby. That’s why patients are assisted in a way to achieve pregnancy through a natural method whenever possible. A couple seeking for infertility treatments in kerala undergoes through a complete diagnosis test of both partners to find the source of infertility at our test tube baby centre in Kerala. After these test, couples are provided with details of procedure available to overcome the specific problem. In many cases, less invasive procedures compared to IVF like medication, hormone therapy, IUI etc can help the couple overcome infertility. Since every patient is different, the treatment protocol for them also varies. Based on the medical conditions and fertility treatment goals, a specific and individualized protocol is designed for every patient. Indira IVF Clinic, Kerala medical team strives to deliver the most compassionate and personalized care. We strongly feel that the physical well being of a person is tied to emotional well being, which is why all of the challenges patients might be facing are take into consideration. Diagnosis, treatment and the inevitable waiting game may trigger patient’s anxiousness. The entire staff stands along at every step to help address all the needs of one’s fertility journey. With help of multi-lingual customer support, patients from India and other countries are assisted to provide nothing but the best patient care. Our staff can also help patients monitor off site and provide care accordingly. As a part of patients personalized care and treatment plans, doctors do not batch the patients and regulate their cycle to the clinic's time table. The paramedics and doctors work in harmony with every woman's cycle and design the treatment process around it. At Indira IVF Clinic in Kerala, limited number of embryo transfer is promoted which will reduce chances of multiple gestations. As a state-of-the-art fertility center, the IVF centre in kerala offers a full range of fertility services including closed working chambers, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), sperm bank, oocytes cryopreservation, and donor egg and surrogacy program.

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