Endometriosis: A growing cause of female infertility

November 21, 2019

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Getting pregnant can be more difficult when you have endometriosis. It’s normal for women to conceive when endometriosis is mild or moderate but when it is severe, it becomes difficult. Endometriosis is a painful condition that possesses the potential to affect a woman’s fertility.

The lining of the uterus is known as endometrium. When the endometrial tissue which is responsible for menstruation, grows on the places and organs it shouldn’t grow, including intestines, ovaries or on the tissue that lines the pelvis, then you might be suffering from endometriosis. The problem of having such tissue in other parts of your body can cause the tissue break down and bleed the same way it bleeds in the uterus. Unlike the uterus, here the blood doesn’t have anywhere to go. As a result, it develops into cysts, scar tissue and adhesions over time.

Most treatments for endometriosis are objected to prevent ovulation like oral contraceptive pills which is not good for someone who is willing to get pregnant. But, when someone gets to know a problem deeply, they come up with even more deep solutions and we have someone with the best solution to this problem too. Dr. Vanashri is someone who excels in the field of ART and IVF treatment. She treats her patients suffering from endometriosis very precisely and never lets it affect a woman who is willing to conceive her baby. She is very skillful and proficient when it comes to tackling patients who are suffering from other infertility related issues too.

Dr. Vanashri Bahade Kargar is a leading and an excellent doctor and infertility specialist known for her innovative techniques, precision in treating her patients and expertise in dealing critical and extremely tough cases. A gynaecologist and a very intellectual fertility specialist, Dr. Kargar has accomplished her medical degrees, specialization and super specialization from Seth GS medical college and kem hospital and Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity hospital, Mumbai. She has attained her Doctorate of National Board post her MD. Also, she has attended many conferences and done fellowship in Advanced Reproductive Technology.

She believes “one should never lose hope. Meticulous diagnosis and proper treatment with advanced technologies can easily help achieve pregnancy. What we do helps the childless couples to achieve their dream and we are already on our way”

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