Ensure a Complete Family with ‘Egg Freezing’

May 7, 2018

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There are couples seen who wish to hold for sometime before going for family planning. The reasons could be various, varying from financial stability to career-related priorities, couples prefer to attain some a comfortable position before deciding to welcome a new member to the family. In such scenarios, Egg freezing is an appropriate option that can be considered by the couple. This option provides time to the couple for accomplishing their desires and at the same time keeps the window of possibility open for them to become parents at a bit delayed stage of their life.

The Egg Freezing Technique

The top IVF clinics of Delhi and Best IVF clinics in Pune includes Indira IVF and Test Tube Baby Centre that provides the facility of Egg Freezing. It is observed that the success rates of pregnancy achieved through ‘frozen’ eggs is at par with the pregnancy attained via fresh eggs.

Many MNCs are now encouraging their female employees to freeze their eggs so that their career may not face the heat of aging and the fear of not being able to attain motherhood due to same.

Testing the Ovarian Reserve

As women turn 30, their fertility starts taking a toll. Their Ovarian reserves drop drastically and hence it is crucial to get Ovarian testing done. The results of the testing guide the woman if she needs to take any measures to prevent herself from getting infertile or helps her to take the right step before it gets too late. A woman may decide to go for egg freezing after considering the test results to ensure motherhood at a later phase.

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