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With changes in lifestyle, work-related stress, late marriages, junk food, environmental pollution infertility is on rising. But thanks to advances in...


Indira IVF Hospital Pvt Ltd

Indira IVF Clinic, 2nd floor, Junction 406, Above Canara Bank Near K mall, Takka road, opposite Railway Station, Old Panvel, Panvel, Maharashtra 410206

IVF Clinic Panvel

With the opening of Panvel centre, Maharashtra owns its 17th Indira IVF clinic and India owns its 97th Fertility centre.

Like all the other Indira IVF centres pan India, we are equipped with world-class technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure at Panvel centre too. We cater for a host of infertility treatments like IVF, ICSI, Laser Assisted Hatching, Cryopreservation, IUI, Blastocyst culture and transfer, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, donor programs etc.

Over the past few years, 85000+ successful IVF cycles have been performed across 96 IVF centres pan India with a record IVF success rate.

Let’s know how the process of IVF is carried out at Indira IVF Panvel centre?

What is IVF?

In vitro fertilization, also called IVF is the process of fertilization of an egg by a sperm to obtain an embryo in the laboratory. It is performed outside the female body that is to say in vitro, using a single-use synthetic material test tube and in culture media whose composition is close to the natural environment, stated Dr. Uday Kargar (Centre Head, Indira IVF clinic in Panvel).

Procedure: the stages of IVF
Ovarian stimulation

The course of an in vitro fertilization must follow several steps. First, ovarian stimulation is performed. It is carried out in order to obtain sufficient maturation of several follicles in the ovaries and then collect several mature oocytes in order to allow their fertilization. Hormonal blood tests are carried out every day, in order to assess the quality of the hormonal secretion of the follicles. An ultrasound helps in monitoring response to the treatment as well as to monitor follicular growth, confirmed, Dr. Uday Kargar (Centre Head, Indira IVF centre in Panvel).

Maturation of follicles

The second step is the initiation of stimulation. It is carried out when the number and size of follicles are satisfactory and the hormonal dosages are sufficient. An injection of HCG hormone is then performed 34 to 36 hours before the oocyte puncture. The doctor identifies mature follicles during the ultrasound and aspirates their contents, using a needle placed in the vagina in the direction of the ovaries, said Dr. Uday Kargar (Centre Head, Indira IVF, IVF treatment in Panvel).

The puncture of the follicles and the collection of sperm

The third step is the puncture of the follicles. It is carried out during a hospital stay of a few hours under local or general anaesthesia. The follicles are then stored in a culture medium. 5-10 oocytes are collected and stored in a 37 degree incubator. The spouse's semen is collected on the day of the follicle puncture. The use of previously frozen sperm of spouse or of the sperm of a donor is also possible, stated Dr. Uday Kargar (Centre Head, Indira IVF centre in Panvel).

Fertilization of sperm and ovum

Finally, the fourth step is in vitro fertilization. The semen is processed to collect the most fertile sperm. The oocytes and spermatozoa are placed in a culture medium favourable to their survival and placed in the incubator at 37 degrees, shared Dr. Uday Kargar (Centre Head, Indira IVF Test tube baby centre in Panvel).

Transfer to the uterus

Two to six days after incubation, the fertilized egg becomes an embryo that can be transferred to the uterus. We get several embryos. The number of embryos transferred depends on the age of the woman and the management strategies specific to ART centers. In the past few years, the no. of eggs to be transferred has been reduced so as to lessen the chances of multiple pregnancies and the associated maternal and fetal complications. However, the other embryos can be kept frozen for later, explained Dr. Uday Kargar (Centre Head, Indira IVF, IVF cost in Panvel).

If you, your partner or anyone you know is suffering from infertility and searching for the best IVF doctor in Panvel or the best fertility clinic in Panvel, then visit our newly opened fertility clinic and get the right treatment for all your infertility problems.

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