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Dear All,

This is a unprecedent time to work in healthcare, and we can proudly say that the industry continues to work in strength and compassion to address the ongoing challenges. Each of us have risen to this pandemic while showing perseverance, collaboration, and utmost care. However, our effort does not stop here.

We understand that a lot of people are going through financial troubles, that is proving to be a roadblock in fulfilling their dreams of parenthood.

Indira IVF firmly believes that during this time of pandemic crisis one should prioritize societal needs over individual or organizational desires.

Therefore, Indira IVF doctors community have come together in a rare initiative to waive of a large part of our professional services fee. We are launching a “Festival Season Greetings” – where we will be giving a flat discount of Rs. 30,000. That is, a zero fee will be charged as professional fee on all IVF procedures.

1. Registration and Check-up Fee

Minimum amount to be deposited to avail FSD Scheme: Minimum Rs. 10,000 to be deposited towards IVF (apart from Registration and Check-up Fee) Hence if Check-up if Required than minimum Rs.16,000 (Rs. 1000 Registration, Rs. 5000 Check-up and Rs. 10,000 for IVF) and if check-up is not required than minimum Rs. 11,000 ((Rs. 1000 Registration and Rs. 10,000 for IVF)

2. Centers covered under scheme:

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