What is the Significance of Luck in IVF?

May 5, 2018

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IVF is regarded as the most effective treatment for infertility. Even in the cases of unexplained infertility, IVF come to the rescue of a ghost for infertile couples. In fact, doctors highly recommend IVF in cases of unexplained infertility. IVF is a reliable and robust treatment even if slightly expensive than other treatments. But like all other medical treatments, the success is not completely certain even in IVF. In others words, despite being the most potent treatment for infertility, the success-rate is not 100% in IVF.

While there are a few reasons which can be expounded for the failure of IVF but at times, one cannot exactly pinpoint any particular reasons for the IVF failure. Sometimes the failure of IVF is inexplicable and inscrutable. In such cases, one just needs to accept it and move on without being dismayed. However, due to these inexplicable reasons and the uncertain nature of IVF (whether it would be successful or not), many people have started overstating the element of luck in IVF treatment while undermining its scientific nature.

There are some people who think that everything boils down to sheer luck when it comes to IVF and hence to make sure that the luck is one their side, they have started seeking the help of astrologers and soothsayers. They also wear certain amulets and chant mantras to enhance the chances of success.

It would be grossly inaccurate to dub IVF as fluke or a lottery just because it does not have 100% success-rate. As stated above, no medical treatment can guarantee success in all cases so are they all a fluke? Medical science is ever-progressing and comes up with reasons and treatment of various diseases/afflictions based on scientific research and experiments. It is disingenuous to assume that since something is inexplicable today, it would always be inexplicable.

While one can pray to God if that gives them the satisfaction and mental peace, it is unfair to overstate the significance of luck factor in IVF. IVF is a supremely specialized and rarefied subject that needs thorough understanding. The IVF specialists spend a lot of time to glean the insights and hone their skills. Only a person of considerable finesse and cerebral acuity can become a competent and eminently crackerjack infertility doctor. Thus it is utterly amateurish and highly objectionable to dismiss a supremely scientific treatment as a mere fluke.

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