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It has always been fascinating to understand human reproduction and see the complex interplay of hormones in nature to bring about a live birth. With increasing life style changes, infertility is on a rise and it is not uncommon to see a couple facing challenges to achieve the dream of parenthood. Unfortunately education in the field of ART has not been able to keep pace with the awareness and increase in infertility cases over the past few years. All the more gynaecologists are faced with this challenge of treating this ever demanding field with highest degree of care. IVF is a tightly interlinked technical procedure requiring decent level of skill and a formalised training that is lacking at the Post Graduate Curriculum in OB-GYN, which makes a good training in ART an important necessity before one starts private practice.

Indira Fertility Academy was built keeping in mind wholesome teaching to the clinicians and for that matter, it is equipped with an advanced classroom for all didactic lectures in the field of ART.

State-of-the-art simulator lab
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The trainees can start practising on the machine with an almost real ultrasound image and simultaneously it gives you the anatomical position of the probe as well. It is a good correlation for beginners to understand and learn the very important Transvaginal Scan in Infertility.

Course Objective

The ART diploma course gives an in-depth understanding of the complete ART process right from Patient Counselling, Pre-cycle Evaluation, Selecting the best stimulation protocol through the entire cycle till embryo transfer.

The entire course runs on the principal of how to make “ART SAFE AND EFFECTIVE”

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Names of the Course

State-of-the-art simulator lab
TVS Simulator

IFA Embryology Course

This course provides a detailed knowledge of the underpinning theory and practices which is a clinically-based infertility treatment course. The programme emphasizes on all aspects of practical training for clinical embryology and assisted reproduction technology.

Here participants get hands-on training in

Embryo Culture
Gamete Handling
In Vitro Fertilisation
Embryo Vitrification

Also, they will get a chance to interact with established clinical embryologists and reproductive medicine specialists. The course ends with a lab tour of world-renowned and a busy IVF lab setup. The programme leaders have extensive experience of handling busy IVF setup conducting over 4000+ transfers.

About TVS Simulator

The Ovum Pick-up Simulators from Accurate help you understand the intricacies of Oocyte Retrieval procedures and gives you a feedback of Aspirated Follicles and the ones that are wasted. With over 10 different cases from Easy to Difficult ovaries, it is one of the best preparations to face challenges during an actual retrieval procedure.

Hysteroscopy Simulator from Virtamed is a real life hysteroscopy experience with a wide range of cases from diagnostic to operative ones. The use of identical scopes and instruments and a flat screen monitor makes the experience splendid. Most importantly the feedback after the procedures tells you exactly where your fault was and in which areas you need improvement. Embryo Transfer simulator from Virtamed is the one recommended by American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). As per their study, training on the simulator improves outcomes and is now made mandatory before actual Embryo Transfer Procedure. The simulator has 4 different shapes of uterus for practice, which is what you observe in real life. Apart from the Theoretical and Simulator based training, candidates can read books in the library in free time and can access Journals for the latest updates on the subject.

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