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Key Problems faced by Standalone IVF Clinics

Indira IVF’s Key Support Areas for you

Help in driving better success rate, currently Indira IVF has a success rate of 74%

Standardizing clinical & non-clinical protocol and using SOPs which are currently used across 110+ centers of Indira IVF

Expert doctor’s support for difficult cases treatment and guidance

Advanced technology platform helps drive consistent outcomes

Training support for clinical and non-clinical staff at Indira Fertility Academy

Help drive quality standards, controls and checks as per QAI Norms

Strategic support in organizing various camps and medico marketing activities to capitalize on available potential

Training & strategies to retain and regain customers

Eligibility to partner with us

Up-to-date licenses to operate (PCPNDT, Drug, Fire, ART, etc)

Running IVF Centre with in-house Embryology lab

Working Gynaecologists and IVF Specialists at the centre

Infertility Crisis Overview in India

About Indira IVF Partnership Programme

Indira IVF is offering a partnership platform to collaborate with existing IVF Centres in India with a strong mission to increase fertility success rates and reach out to every couple looking for the best fertility treatments beyond our network of 120+ hospitals.

India faces a high burden of infertility, with 22 to 33 million couples of reproductive age suffering from lifetime infertility. We take this issue as our purpose and intend to free India from infertility with credible partners like you.

Partnership Programme from Indira IVF will offer you a plethora of economic value and a chance to be associated with a brand having a strong legacy of 40 years. Partnering with us will give access to trained, enhanced, and skilled manpower and enable you to offer the best-in-class treatment to your patients.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all Fertility Centres to take part in this Partnership Programme and make a valuable contribution to resolving rising Fertility Problems in India while experiencing economically and emotionally enriching rewards.

Journey of Indira IVF

In the year 1978, our chairman Dr. Ajay Murdia published an article in ‘The Lancet’ that highlighted male infertility problems. This innovative thought to address and resolve such problems was developed further and culminated in the year 1988 with the launch of the Indira Infertility Clinic and Research Centre (IICRC). It was opened in Udaipur, Rajasthan and provided infertility check-ups and diagnostic services to men.

In 2011, Dr. Ajay Murdia was joined in his noble endeavour by his sons Dr. Kshitiz Murdia and Nitiz Murdia and together they established the first fertility centre under the banner of Indira IVF. From here, there was no looking back. Indira IVF went on to win the trust and confidence of people through the expertise and experience of its fertility specialists, high-end technology, and budget-friendly treatment plans.

Indira IVF opened its second centre in Pune in 2014 and continued to expand its services thenceforth. By 2018, Indira IVF had 50 centres with 20,000+ successful IVF pregnancies. As of today, we stand as India’s biggest chain of expert fertility clinics with 120+ centres PAN India and over 1,40,000+ successful IVF stories to share.

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