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Indira IVF is India’s largest fertility chain expert with 120+ centres across the country. We are supported by a passionate workforce of 2700+   professionals and 250+ IVF specialists. Indira IVF has helped more than 1,40,000 couples battle their infertility issues and successfully get pregnant through IVF.

We are a technology-first company and have been harnessing hi-tech solutions to ensure a high success rate for procedures. Along with assurance, our technology interfaces and standardised processes have rendered infertility procedures way more affordable to couples seeking parenthood The organisation has invested in several technologies such as RI witness technology, closed working chambers technology, artificial intelligence (AI), microfluidics, and more. It is by means of empathy and meticulous standardisation processes that we have been able to attain a High success rate at Indira IVF so far, making Indira IVF the most preferred fertility chain of hospitals in the country.
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Our Journey


Completed 1,00,000+ successful IVF cycles (October 2021)


Indira IVF became a 100 centre strong network in India (August 2021)


TA Associates acquired a significant minority stake in Indira IVF


Inaugurated the 50th clinic and became the largest IVF services company in India performing 20,000+ cycles annually


Slump sale of IICRC & IICTB into Indira IVF Hospital Pvt. Ltd. (IIHPL)


Dr. Kshitiz & Mr. Nitiz (sons of Dr. Murdia) joined the firm. IICRC started performing IVF procedures


His research in ‘The Lancet’, 1978 was one of the 1st to highlight male fertility in India


Started working at Ravindra Nath Tagore Medical College, Udaipur


Dr. Ajay Murdia completed his MBBS from Ravindra Nath Tagore Medical College, Udaipur

Founding pillars

With time, Indira IVF has grown to provide IVF solutions to people aspiring for a successful pregnancy to every nook in the country. Read more

Our business success is a result of staying true to our four tenets/principles. Read less


Indira IVF has been working continuously to bring down the cost of IVF treatment and other fertility services with the best medical care for everyone. With large scale implementation of advanced technology and SoPs, Indira IVF strives to make infertility treatment affordable for various sections of the society .


Successful clinical outcome is an important benchmark when it comes to assisted reproductive technologies. With the highest success rate in the industry of close to 75%, Indira IVF is known for its high patient satisfaction. We are armed with a dedicated team of IVF experts, and state of art infrastructure & technology to maximise the chance of conception or live birth.


Indira IVF group has been actively investing in educating and spreading awareness about infertility being a medical condition that otherwise is often treated by unscientific interventions. Under the banner "Nisantanta Bharat Chodo", it is focused on eradicating the stigma around infertility while normalising the conversations around it simultaneously.


Our vision to improve accessibility through increasing our geographical footprint in India and abroad is geared toward granting every aspiring parent an equal opportunity to affordable best in class infertility care. Increasing our centres to a location close to our patients, ensures flexibility and helps lessen the financial burden.

Why choose Indira IVF?

Use of the Latest Technology

Indira IVF uses World-Class Technology and the latest equipment to help couples conce…

Largest IVF chain in India

India’s largest and most trusted fertility chain – Indira IVF believes in providi…

Team of experts

Our team of 250+ fertility experts work tirelessly to help aspiring couples conceive …

Our Achievements

When you choose Indira IVF, You choose the most advanced infertility treatment with the highest success rate in the country.

With 40+ years in business, Indira IVF is India’s, and amongst the world’s, oldest and largest IVF specialty clinics chain. With 120+ centers across the country, supported by a passionate workforce of over 2,200 people, the organization has helped over 1,40,000+ desirous families in their journey to parenthood ...Read More

1.40 lakh+ Happy families

120+ Centers in India

40+ Years of Legacy

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