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What is the Average IVF Cost in Chennai?

The cost of IVF procedures in Chennai can be very expensive. Many clinics in the metropolis charge exorbitant fees, making it difficult for couples to access the necessary care. We understand the pain of infertility and the financial and emotional burden that it brings along. Hence, we are committed to providing the best treatment options at competitive prices, making IVF in Chennai accessible to all.

Cost of Few Important Lab Tests Before IVF Treatment in Chennai

The cost of pre-implantation laboratory tests in Chennai can vary depending on a variety of factors. These tests are of great importance as they indicate an individual's overall health and fertility. Hormone levels, sperm count, ovarian reserve, and other essential tests are often recommended. Our clinic recognises the significance of these tests and is committed to providing transparent pricing options to ensure that individuals in Chennai can access comprehensive and cost-effective pre-infertility testing.

Below is a list of top infertility tests cost in Chennai:

Top Infertility Tests in Chennai Cost in Chennai* Cost at Indira IVF*
Semen Analysis (for Males) Rs. 700 – Rs. 900 Rs. 500 – Rs. 800
Laparoscopy (for Female) Rs. 48,000 – Rs. 69,000 Rs. 45,000 – Rs. 65,000
Hysteroscopy (for Females) Rs. 20,000 – Rs. 30,000 Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 25,000
TESA (for Males) Rs. 35,000 – Rs. 40,000 Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 30,000

*It is important to note that these prices are approximate and can differ among different clinics and laboratories. It is advisable to consult with a fertility specialist or clinic for accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Cost of IVF in Chennai: Other Clinics vs Indira IVF

What makes Indira IVF different from other fertility centres? IVF treatment in Chennai costs a lot of money. That’s why we have created our pricing structure to keep the cost as low as possible while maintaining the best quality of care. Furthermore, we recognise the financial burden associated with fertility treatment, so we offer our patients the option of zero Cost EMI, allowing them to conveniently manage their IVF treatment costs in Chennai.

Indira IVF takes pride in leveraging its extensive experience, state-of-the-art technology, and renowned fertility specialists to offer the highest quality IVF treatment at an affordable price compared to other clinics in the Chennai area. Our dedicated team works closely with each couple to create customised treatment plans that are tailored to their requirements, thus maximising their chances of successful conception.

Below is a list of top fertility treatments cost in Chennai:

Top Fertility Treatments in Chennai Cost in Chennai* Cost at Indira IVF*
IVF/ICSI** Rs. 1,30,000 - Rs. 1,50,000 Rs. 1,10,000 - Rs. 1,30,000
IUI Rs. 12,000 – Rs. 15,000 Rs. 8,000 – Rs. 10,000
Laser Assisted Hatching Rs. 20,000 – Rs. 25,000 Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 20,000
Blastocyst Embryo Transfer Rs. 35,000 – Rs. 40,000 Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 30,000
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 55,000 Rs. 45,000 – Rs. 50,000

*Please be aware that the IVF cost mentioned here is an average estimate, and the actual cost may vary depending on several factors. These factors include the clinic's location, the specific treatment plan required, additional procedures or medications, and individual circumstances.

**ICSI stands for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection which is an advanced procedure in IVF treatment. It increases your success rate and facilitates the fertilisation procedure. To provide a maximum scope of success to patients in minimum cycles, all Indira IVF centres in Chennai only perform ICSI procedures.

Breakdown of IVF Treatment Cost in Chennai

To gain an understanding of the IVF fees in Chennai, it is important to know the breakdown of the total cost. Generally, two main elements make up the total cost of IVF:

A. Hospital Expenses

B. Stimulation Injections and Medication Cost

Let us understand the facilities provided under each of these in detail.

A. Hospital Expenses

Cost in other clinics: Rs. 35,000* - Rs. 45,000*

Cost at Indira IVF: Rs. 25,000* - Rs. 35,000*

Hospital Charges during the IVF process cover:

  • Consultation charges (Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist Fees)
  • Investigation charges
  • Ultrasound/Sonography charges
  • Egg Retrieval Charges (Ward Charges, OT Charges, Fees of Anaesthetist)
  • Embryo Transfer Charges (Ward Charges, OT Charges, Fees of Embryologist)
  • Cost of Media & Disposables used etc.

B. IVF Injections Cost & Cost of Medicines

The importance of IVF medications and injections cannot be overstated. Poor-quality medications can significantly affect the success of your IVF treatment, resulting in lower success rates and higher risks. Injections play an important role in stimulating mature egg growth in the ovaries, which in turn triggers egg retrieval for subsequent procedures. Make sure you prioritise the quality of your IVF medications to get the best results in your IVF treatment.

Below is a list of injections & medicines component cost in Chennai:

IVF Components in Chennai Cost in Chennai* Cost at Indira IVF*
Stimulation Injections Cost Rs. 90,000* – Rs. 1,05,000* Rs. 70,000* – Rs. 95,000*
Oral Medications Before EmbryoTransfer Rs. 9,000 – Rs. 12,000 Rs. 7,000 – Rs. 10,000

Some of the commonly used IVF medications are:

  • Pre-Natal Vitamins
  • Tablets for Boosting Folic Acid
  • Calcium, and Vitamin Tablets
  • Progesterone Medications etc.

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment involves the administration of a series of injections known as stimulation injections, also referred to as follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) injections. These injections are administered over a period of 10-12 days and are intended to increase the amount and maturity of the fertilised eggs before their retrieval. There are three distinct types of stimulation injections, each of which is designed to enhance the efficacy of the treatment.

  • Urinary Injections (Rs. 2,000* – Rs. 2,500* approximately)
  • Highly Purified Injections (Rs. 4,000* – Rs. 4,500* approximately)
  • Recombinant Injections (Rs. 7,000* – Rs. 8,000* approximately)

*Cost varies depending on the age, AMH value & BMI of the Female.

Indira IVF offers the best of both worlds in terms of affordability and quality. When you choose us for your IVF treatment, you can count on a team of experienced fertility specialists who use the latest technologies and techniques to give you the best chance of success. Your health is our top priority, and we are committed to providing you with a stress-free experience.

Factors that Affect the Overall Cost of IVF Treatment in Chennai

How much does IVF cost in Chennai? IVF cost depends on a few things, like how complicated your case is, if you need any extra treatments to increase your success rate, whether you are using donor egg or donor sperm, embryo freezing, or getting genetic testing done, and how many treatment cycles you need. We make sure to understand each couple's unique situation and make sure to be transparent about the costs. Our goal is to give you personalised solutions that will help you get pregnant while keeping the costs low.

Why Does IVF Cost Vary for Different Patients?

The IVF Price in Chennai can vary from patient to patient due to several factors, including:

1. Age:As a woman gets older, additional treatments and procedures may be needed, which can affect how much money you spend on the treatment.

2. Ovarian reserve:The quality and quantity of eggs available can affect how the treatment plan is carried out, the type and dosage of medication administered, and how much your overall IVF treatment costs.

3. Need for advanced techniques:Special procedures like ICSI or Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) included in your IVF treatment plan may increase the cost of IVF.

4. Individual response to treatment:The individual's response to the treatment may necessitate customised protocols or longer treatment durations which can affect the overall cost.

Why visit Indira IVF to get the best IVF Treatment in Chennai?

Indira IVF is one of the leading providers of advanced IVF in Chennai, providing solutions to couples and individuals facing infertility issues. With a network of over 120 centres across the country and in the rest of PAN India, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of reproductive healthcare, providing comprehensive solutions and individualised care.

Indira IVF offers cutting-edge facilities, labs, and a top-notch team of fertility experts. The clinic offers a variety of advanced fertility treatments, including IVF, IUI, ICSI, Cryopreservation, and more.

Indira IVF’s strength lies in its unique approach to treatment. The team of doctors and fertility specialists carefully assess each patient’s circumstances and create a tailor-made treatment plan to ensure the best possible outcome. This personalised approach to treatment, in combination with the clinic’s cutting-edge techniques, helps in achieving a high success rate.

Indira IVF recognises the emotional difficulties that come with fertility treatment and places patient support at the forefront of our practice. We offer Free Consultations to ensure that patients feel supported and cared for throughout their entire IVF experience, with a personalised approach and emotional support provided by our compassionate staff.

Who are the Top IVF Doctors in Chennai at Indira IVF?

At Indira IVF, we have some of the most esteemed IVF specialists in Chennai, renowned for their outstanding reproductive medicine expertise. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals, each of whom is recognised as an expert in infertility and IVF in Chennai. Their vast experience and expertise make them the best IVF doctors in Chennai, providing couples with tailored and effective solutions to their fertility issues. Our infertility specialist in Chennai creates treatment plans that cater to everyone’s requirements, ensuring the utmost level of care and assistance throughout the IVF process. Our leading IVF specialist in Chennai provides compassionate care and expert advice, guaranteeing that you receive the highest level of care and support. Utilising the most advanced facilities, cutting-edge technologies, and the expertise of our highly-regarded fertility doctors in Chennai, we are committed to achieving outstanding outcomes. If you are looking for the best fertility doctor in Chennai, visit us today!

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