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A pregnancy Due Date Calculator is a tool that evaluates the due date (date of delivery or giving birth) of a pregnant woman. It is usually based on h er IVF transfer date, Ultrasound, last menstrual period (LMP) date, and conception date. In simpler terms, the calculated due date estimates when a woman is going to deliver or give birth to her baby. Due Date Calculator is helpful to consider a range of dates. These dates are estimated by other methods as well. If you happen to know that you have conceived, you can count 38 weeks from conception to the due date. It is essential to know your conception date in order to calculate the due date. One manual way of calculating the due date of your pregnancy is by counting forty weeks from the first date of the last menstrual cycle.

If the average length of your menstrual cycle is 28 days, then the menstrual cycle probably begins around two weeks before conception. This might be confusing, hence, to make it simple, here is the Due Date Calculator to calculate the most precise due date. Just fill the conception date or other required details in the Calculator and simply get your due date! However, it is important to note that the due date can change if the baby’s gestational age in the first trimester is much bigger or smaller.
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* The result is an estimate assumed for single pregnancy.
Results for multiple pregnancies may differ.

  • Trimester 1
    Jul 15 - Oct 13
  • Trimester 2
    Jul 15 - Oct 13
  • Trimester 3
    Jul 15 - Oct 13

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Quick Answers

How do we calculate Pregnancy Due Date?

The pregnancy Due Date Calculator calculates the delivery date of the baby based on fundamental data like ultrasound scan, conception date, etc. One has to fill up the required information in the above calculator to know the due date.

How does Pregnancy Due Date help me?

The Due Date Calculator will help you have a specific date for the delivery. Knowing the due date will help you figure out to take precautionary steps to ensure safe and healthy delivery.

What fields do I need to enter?

To find out the due date, one needs to enter certain fields linked to the below-mentioned alternatives:

 First day of the period

The first day of the last period can help you know the due date.


 Ultrasound scan

If one forgets the conception date, then an ultrasound scan is a good option to do so. An ultrasound scan will help you know the due date as well.


 Conception date

By knowing the conception date, one can easily calculate the due date. Just add 266 days to get the estimated due date. Further, let the Due Date Calculator do the math for you!

Can I plan my due date?

Yes, of course! You can plan your due date. If you are a working professional and do not wish to get pregnant, then you can plan your conception date, which will, in turn, change your due date.

Can my calculated due date change?

Yes, your due date can change. There are a number of reasons for the change in due date but there’s nothing to worry about.

 Irregular periods  are one of the reasons for the change in the due date. Consult your doctor before considering anything.

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