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What is DFI?

The Sperm DNA Fragmentation index (DFI) is a measure of the damage to the DNA, the genetic material of the sperm.

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Presence of fragmented DNA in the sperm has been shown to affect male fertility potential and development of the embryo.It can also be a cause for IVF failure and recurrent miscarriages. High DFI is generally seen in men with advanced age, inflammation of the external genitals and varicocele, unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption, and environmental radiation and pollution.
Sperm DNA Fragmentation – Around 50% of most conditions of infertility could be connected to a male element. A semen evaluation that calculates sperm concentration, motility as well as morphology is classically long been utilized like the gold standard evaluation for deciding a man’s fertility. In spite of this, this evaluation will not give any specific details about the genetic structure of the sperm, which is important for normal embryo growth. Hence a higher degree of DNA injury in cellular sperm material might signify a reason for men’s infertility that traditional assessments cannot identify ascertained by our IVF specialist in Hyderabad Dr. Swathi Mothe (Indira IVF clinic in Hyderabad). Are you suffering from male infertility? Do you want to know more about unexplained infertility? Then request a call back at 7412077801/02 and our IVF specialist in Hyderabad will do the rest.
This procedure helps us understand whether the semen sample from the male partner can be used or not. In case the fragmentation is of a higher degree, we suggest employing a sperm donor.
The risks that stem from sperm DNA fragmentation have no bearing on the health of the male partner. There are, however, some perceived limitations of the procedure.

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