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What is IVF with Egg Donor?

When a couple is faced with the problem of conceiving their own child in a natural way, assisted reproduction methods come to their rescue.

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Often, IVF " In Vitro Fertilization" or ICSI “ Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection” under medical supervision solves these problems. But what if there is no way to get normal eggs from the future mother? In this case, donor eggs are suggested by fertility experts. Egg Donor refers to a person (woman) donating her eggs to an infertile couple to help them conceive a baby. Since this is a medical procedure, it requires an intensive process to ensure that there will be no complications that could endanger the people involved in Donor egg IVF. Read less

When is Egg Donation Used?

Egg donation in IVF occurs when an egg is extracted from a woman's body and stored under all the necessary conditions before use. However, egg donation is a bit expensive process, so every factor is considered before official donation.

Every couple plans to have a baby sometime in their life. But, if the expectant mother has such fertility problems that prevent the retrieval of good quality and healthy eggs for use in the IVF procedure, you need an egg donor.
This happens in the following cases:

  • Ovarian pathology in a woman;
  • The presence of genetic diseases that can cause birth defects in the fetus;
  • Age.

What are the Different Egg Donor Requirements?

Below are the general requirements for donors in IVF –

  • 21 to 36 years;
  • Having at least one healthy naturally born child;
  • With good indicators of the state of physical health and psyche.
  • Must not be a carrier of genetic, hereditary, or infectious diseases that can be transmitted to the offspring.

This age range for IVF with egg donor is due to the fact that during this period women respond best to treatment with hormonal drugs. And, they have a large number of high-quality eggs. Additional requirements in the form of beauty, higher education and other points remain at the discretion of the couple based on their package type.

Tests involved in Egg Donor IVF -

To minimize the risk of fetal birth defects and ensure healthy genetics for the future child in Donor Egg IVF, donors must succeed:

  • Physical examination by a physician;
  • Blood tests;
  • Ultrasound diagnostics and other studies of the reproductive organs;
  • Infectious disease screening;
  • Screening for common hereditary diseases or all known genetic conditions, depending on the program chosen;
  • Monthly testing for drugs, tobacco, precursors;
  • Mental health assessment

In Indira IVF, egg donors selected are most suited to the phenotypic characteristics of the couple. In addition, people's personal wishes are always taken into account for Donor egg IVF.

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