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A period calculator helps to estimate the time of the next menstruation, taking into account the most probable days of menstruations. During the proce ss called 'ovulation', the lining of the uterus thickens and an egg is produced which is required for getting pregnant. A woman is fertile during this time, i.e, five days before ovulation and a day or two after ovulation. But if this egg is not fertilized or in other words if the woman doesn't get pregnant, then the egg gets flushed out of the body along with blood known as Menstruation or Periods. It is a regular discharge of blood and mucosal tissue that happens during the menstruation cycle. The menstruation cycle begins on the first day of the period and is counted until the start of the next period, normally 21-35 days. A Period Calculator is also helpful to decide ovulation. Determining ovulation which is before periods can help one plan for their pregnancy. When a woman gets pregnant, the egg gets fertilized, otherwise, the bleeding and discharge of blood and mucosal tissue occur through the vagina disposing of the egg. The Period calculator considers these cycles that last for 5-7 days. The period does not appear during pregnancy and menopause. To find out whether or not a woman is pregnant or not, her last period date is considered. For medical and many other reasons, knowing the last period date is important. ...Read More

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Myth: Morning sickness wears off by lunchtime

Fact: It's common to feel nauseous throughout the day but if it is getting too much, you must talk to your doctor

Myth: Morning sickness wears off by lunchtime

Fact: It's common to feel nauseous throughout the day but if it is getting too much, you must talk to your doctor

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* The result is an estimate assumed for single pregnancy.
Results for multiple pregnancies may differ.

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Quick Answers

How do we calculate it?

The pregnancy conception calculator calculates your conception date based on some fundamental data, including the due date, last date of the period, ultrasound date, or an IVF transfer date. You have to feed the required information in the above calculator to know your conception date.

How does Period Calculator help me?

The date of your period will help to know you about many other things like your ovulation period, the likelihood of you getting pregnant during that time, the most probable date of your next period, etc. You can be well prepared in case you want to take any decision regarding your pregnancy. If the period does not strike on the date calculated in the above manner or within 8-10 days thereafter, you can get further confirmation in any other scientific manner about the reasons for missing it. Even if you want to plan for a trip or any other event, you can map your cycle using this calculator. The period calculator, being your helping hand, lets you know when to expect your next period.

What fields do I need to enter?

Enter the details such as,

  • The date on which your last period started,
  • How long did it last-expressed in the number of days
  • Length of your menstrual cycle.

Once you click on the button to know the date of your next period, it informs you when it’s due.

Why is my period late?

Do not stress out considering pregnancy as the most likely outcome. It is one of the possibilities but the delayed period could be because of many other causes. If your period gets delayed by a day or two, there is no reason to worry. The period is considered late only if it has been more than 38 days since you had your last period. However, if your cycles are very much regular, and in that case, you get periods later than 4-5 days, then you may need to find out the possible reasons.

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