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Best IVF Centre In Ghaziabad (Kaushambi)

Indira IVF chain is the pioneer in providing affordable yet creditable infertility services and personalized fertility treatments to the common people across 100+ advanced IVF centres for the first time in India. ...Read More

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Indira IVF Fertility Center - Ghaziabad (Kaushambi)

Vishwakarma Complex first Floor, Plot no. 17-18, In front of Yashoda Hospital, Sec-14, Kaushambi,
Ghaziabad (Kaushambi) 201010 Uttar Pradesh India

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Indira IVF has world class doctors at every centre, In Ghaziabad Indira IVF centre skilled team of doctors help their patients by listening to their problem with patience, understand their reason of infertility and guide them in the best way possible because when a couple conceive, the happiness is felt equally on both the sides. Our core ethos at all the centres pan India is patient satisfaction and safety. Our mission is to provide standardised, high-quality fertility treatments in a cost-effective and transparent manner. ...Read More

Dr. Megha Jindal

Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist

Ghaziabad (Kaushambi)

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From tests and scans to the entire treatment process, Indira IVF provides all fertility services under 1 roof and has the latest f e latest facilities for your comfort and convenience. ...Read More

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IVF is a psychologically demanding treatment. Apart from this, it is very costly, and you can find a whole lot riding on the result. Patients recognize that the success rate depends upon just how sound the physician is, that is why they have got quite a high anticipation from their physician. They are going to invest considerable time looking for Dr. Right. An IVF specialist who is accessible as well as economical; who can create their plan for treatment and also customize it especially for them; and then who is available to reply their queries explained Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF Infertility Clinic and test tube baby center in Ghaziabad). After they visit the clinic for their scans and tracking, they need to speak to their physician. So he can verify their treatment is moving along reasonably, and you will find no surprises. They need a physician who will know their name; who cares about them; and who is available to hold their hands and also offer a shoulder to cry on when things do not work well described Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF center in Ghaziabad).

It is quite annoying for patients to see that the physician is rarely available. He is often on trips, or perhaps presenting a lecture, and is away at a seminar, or maybe looking after patients at a different clinic. Even if they are in the hospital, he is occupied in consultations with new patients and is not free to reply questions. The patient is unsure whether the treatment is going correctly, or not. And why the physician makes a significant change to the procedure, they are in fact compelled to tell their concerns often to the nurses or the assistants. The juniors tend to be unaware as to what exactly is happening since they are newbies or are instructed that most patient's queries must be responded just by the 'Doctor' - they just need to do his instructions. Whenever patients do not have an opportunity to get their questions answered, they feel disappointed as well as deserted informed Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF clinic in Ghaziabad).

This shortage of information and lack of transparency may become a painful point for the patient. It is true whenever the cycle fails, and so at this time the patient can feel scammed. She can be prone to complain that she was unable to receive decent health care since the physician was unavailable stipulated Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF center in Ghaziabad).

Even though patients will need lots of hand-holding - they count on their treatment method to be customized. In case their care becomes fragmented between the sonographer, the nurses, along with the Andrologist, they can be reasonably disappointed - when it seems like the left hand has little or no idea what the right is doing. If the patient does need clarifications, the standard reply is - we are now carrying out what the physician has suggested stated our IVF specialist in Ghaziabad Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF clinic in Ghaziabad).

They will go for one individual with whom they can speak to - one particular person who was accountable for organizing their treatment - and also needless to say they need this individual to be their physician. They need the physician to be accessible to perform virtually all their procedures - like the checks, the egg extraction in addition to the embryo transfer. It is quite annoying once they realize that they need to cope with a whole new physician each time they arrive at the healthcare clinic. - Somebody who knows absolutely nothing about them and also somebody with a person that they have got no personal connection cautioned Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF center in Ghaziabad).

They are usually uncertain in case the new physician is aware of what is happening - and also it is complicated to create a relationship each time with a new physician who is actually on duty on that specific day. These might seem to be reasonably small problems from a physician’s viewpoint. The truth is IVF treatment is quite highly emotionally charged, and also IVF patients need far more attention and pampering as compared with the average patient explained our infertility specialist in Ghaziabad Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF clinic in Ghaziabad).

Being one of the best IVF centers in Ghaziabad, we have established procedures to make sure that our patient gets personalized physician throughout their IVF process. It will ensure that the treatment is on the right track. It also enables the physician to give the patient continuity and psychological assistance. He can offer a shoulder to cry on - or else work as a dependable sounding board, whenever patients are unsure as to what the next stage will be, or if the cycle has to be canceled explained Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF center in Ghaziabad).

Patients likewise will need paperwork as well as sincerity on how the cycle is advancing. They have to understand whether or not the follicles are developing well; in case their treatment methods are moving as per plan. Once the procedure is changed, they have to find out why this transformation was made and also any other issues they may anticipate. It is quite annoying for them if they need to wait for several hours before they have an opportunity to speak to the physician informed Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF clinic in Ghaziabad).

The physician must be available so that he could reply questions by electronic mail or will make sure that telephone calls are returned without delay towards the end of the day. Patients would like photographs of their ultrasound scans as well as their embryos, to ensure that they have records that the cure was carried our adequately described Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF center in Ghaziabad).

Before starting cure, they need to have clarity as to what the plan for treatment is going to; how frequently they might have to visit the healthcare clinic; and then just how much it will cost them. Also, they have to know if they intend to make payments - and also just what is involved in the treatment cost, and what is not Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF clinic in Ghaziabad).

When there is an emergency or even problem, they have to realize with whom to call and also have to be sure their physician is around to look after them. And finally, they anticipate a caring physician, who can follow up after the cycle. If the beta HCG assessment is negative, then what will be their next action? They should not feel deserted because their IVF cycle did not succeed cautioned Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF center in Ghaziabad).

Patients usually blame physicians for being unemotional and remote. The reason is we are trained to sustain a qualified barrier, we might seem to be cold as well as uncaring, yet the truth is physicians also have a heart, and we're human beings after all informed Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF clinic in Ghaziabad). Unfortunately, at times it is this humanness which backfires. Hence, we can usually recognize with a few of our patients, specifically whenever they are of the very same age group, or even result from the same profession. We at times have to break the bad news to these people, so when they begin crying on listening to this, we get mentally upset also. We might wind up stating issues and seek to comfort the patient, which he might then misinterpret. It may return to haunt us since the patient can feel that the physician was also honest and overstepped his professional boundaries stated Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF center in Ghaziabad).

We had a patient who became expectant after IVF, and then we directed her to an ultrasound center for a viability check at six weeks, to establish whether her maternity was going well or not. Her sonographer was concerned that she couldn't observe a beating heart, and so informed her that there is a possibility it might not be healthy maternity. The patient broke down and came to me in tears the same evening, stating - The radiologist informed me my baby is dead said Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF clinic in Ghaziabad).

Remarkably, the sonographer is an excellent physician and is usually careful. Since she is a radiologist, she will in no way offer a medical explanation to a patient. Her standard reply is, 'I have completed the scan, and then my task is always to record just what I observe on these ultrasound images. It is your physician who will let you know just what this implies.' Explaining the image in a medical framework is the clinician's task, not the radiologist's, and also a good radiologist is conscious of this truth.

So just why would she bend the guidelines this time?

She can see that the patient was extremely concerned and nervous. The patient had read on the internet that the failure to observe a fetal heart at six weeks gestational age might imply that the pregnancy might not be right. She wanted to relax the patient down by providing her some extra information, which the patient misinterpreted. Although the sonographer over-stepped her professional boundaries, yet she has done that since she is a human being - an excellent physician who is empathetic and who is concerned for her patient explained Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF center in Ghaziabad). I hope patients would undoubtedly be grateful when they know how difficult it is to be a good and caring physician. It is difficult to understand where you can draw the line between genuinely being compassionate and becoming disengaged. It is more comfortable to be an expert than keeping a certain distance. Our professors now caution us that we have to be cold as well as detached if we would like to practice correctly. However, we do not keep our hearts in the home when we get into the clinic. If we love and interact with our patients, at times this backfires, since it would go through this case informed Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF clinic in Ghaziabad).

I called up the physician and then informed her just what had occurred. I had to offer her with comments, and also I assured her that whatever she'd done was in perfect faith. Hence she should not feel terrible about this. Her motives were decent, and even her heart was in the correct place, yet at times our well-meaning measures backfire. Although she had tried to ease the patient, she finished up making the patient more agitated, since sentimental patients tend to misinterpret what a physician implies. Whenever these types of messages get distorted, it causes a lot of damage to everybody cautioned our IVF specialist in Ghaziabad Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF center in Ghaziabad).

I had to assure her that it is usually difficult to deduce a final summary so prematurely in a pregnancy. We will have to wait and go over the scan once again in one week to verify whether the conception is healthy or not.

Dealing with patients who are crying before you could be complicated. As you have to be objective, however, you need to do your best to take away their suffering described our infertility specialist in Ghaziabad Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF center in Ghaziabad).

All of this needs a lot of coordination and proper care on part of the physician. Being one of the best IVF clinics in Ghaziabad, we always ensure that the physician, who is the face of our hospital, is accessible to his or her patient, whenever the patient needs him concluded Dr Megha Jindal (Centre Head - Indira IVF Infertility Clinic and test tube baby center in Ghaziabad).

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