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A pregnancy conception calculator is an estimation tool for determining the date of conception during a woman's menstrual cycle. This estimation can b e given for a range of days during which sexual intercourse could have led to conception. This period of time during a woman's menstrual cycle is known as the ovulation period during which the woman's ovaries release an egg that stays viable for 24-48 hours. If there is male sperm present in the woman's uterus during this time, there is a good chance for the woman to get pregnant (or conceived).
Here, the date of conception is the day on which a woman conceived the baby. We can calculate the conception date via the information, such as the expected due date, last date of the periods, or even by ultrasound date. The Due Date in the case of a pregnant woman can be estimated based on a sonogram check-up obtained from a doctor's office. Based on this estimated due date, a possible conception date can be calculated. Apart from this method, an ultrasound date & length of pregnancy at that time can be used to estimate the conception date. Moreover, the last period details can also be fed into this calculator for figuring out the conception date.
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* The result is an estimate assumed for single pregnancy.
Results for multiple pregnancies may differ.

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Quick Answers

How do we calculate it?

The pregnancy conception calculator calculates your conception date based on some fundamental data, including the due date, last date of the period, ultrasound date, or an IVF transfer date. You have to feed the required information in the above calculator to know your conception date.

How does it help me?

The conception date will help you have more specific data about the pregnancy period. Knowing this will help you figure out what stage of pregnancy you are in and empower you to take precautionary and preparatory steps to achieve a successful gestation period.

What fields will I need to enter?

In the pregnancy conception calculator, you will need to enter the fields linked to either one of the three alternatives.:
●Given due date
To calculate with the Due date option, you have to enter a single detail, i.e., “Start day of the Last Period”.
●Last period date
To calculate with the Last Period option, you have to enter details, namely “First day of your last period” and “Average length of your cycles”.
●Ultrasound date
To calculate with the Ultrasound date option, you have to enter the “Ultrasound date” and “Length of pregnancy at the time”.

How does ultrasound help me in estimating the conception date?

Usually, an ultrasound can be performed as early as five to six weeks after the last period occurred in a woman to examine the presence and progress of a fetus. When you reach out to the doctor for the ultrasound, they will tell you a number of things like health, age of the fetus, length of pregnancy, etc. You would only require the date on which your ultrasound happened and the length of pregnancy at that time. Just enter these two details in the Pregnancy Conception Calculator above and get your estimated conception date.

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