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A Pregnancy calculator estimates the schedule of a pregnancy established on the given IVF transfer date, conception date, ultrasound date, last period date, or due date. Pregnancy is a word used to describe the state of a woman during the time period of 9 months where one or more offspring develop inside a woman. The process of childbirth generally occurs 40 weeks after the previous menstrual cycle, or around 38 weeks after conception. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a normal pregnancy generally lasts between 37 to 42 weeks.

Pregnancy can be determined by using either pregnancy tests or through various symptoms such as increased frequency of urination, nausea, fatigue, increased basal body temperature, and missed menstrual period. Pregnancy tests include detecting hormones which serve as biomarkers for pregnancy. It even includes urine tests or clinical blood that can determine pregnancy 6 to 8 days after fertilization. However, you might have to wait for a long time for the test results. Hence, to make it simple, here is the Pregnancy Calculator to calculate the possible conception and your pregnancy due date. Just fill in the required details in the Calculator and simply know if you are pregnant or not!
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Length of Pregnancy at the Time:

Myth: Morning sickness wears off by lunchtime

Fact: It's common to feel nauseous throughout the day but if it is getting too much, you must talk to your doctor


Hey there! Your estimated due date is


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* The result is an estimate assumed for single pregnancy.
Results for multiple pregnancies may differ.

  • Trimester 1
    Jul 15 - Oct 13
  • Trimester 2
    Jul 15 - Oct 13
  • Trimester 3
    Jul 15 - Oct 13

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Quick Answers

How do we calculate Pregnancy?

The Pregnancy Calculator calculates the estimated schedule of a pregnancy based on fundamental data such as ultrasound, due date, and so on. One has to fill up the required information in the above calculator to know about the pregnancy.

How does Pregnancy Calculator help me?

The Pregnancy calculator will help you have a specific date for a pregnancy. It even helps to detect your pregnancy and helps you manage your pregnancy accordingly.

What fields do I need to enter?

To find detect pregnancy, one needs to enter certain fields linked to the alternatives mentioned below:

●Last Period: The date of the last period can help you detect pregnancy.

●Ultrasound: If one forgets the conception date, then an ultrasound is a good option. An ultrasound date will help you know the due date as well.

●Due Date: By knowing the due date, one can easily calculate pregnancy. Let the Pregnancy Calculator do all the math for you!

Is pregnancy calculated from the first day or the last day of the last period?

Pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the last period. The offspring generally spends 38 weeks in the uterus. However, the average length of gestation or pregnancy is 40 weeks.

How accurate are Pregnancy Calculators?

A Pregnancy Calculator that is entirely based on the conception date provides a great approximation of the arrival of the offspring. They might not be perfectly accurate but can definitely give you a good notion of your pregnancy schedule.

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