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What is Infertility Workup?

Fertility experts at Indira IVF pay special attention to the initial infertility workup of a couple to decide their treatment for infertility as it allows them to select the right kind of treatment plan based on the initial reports.

Infertility Test: Infertility Workup in Detail

An infertility check-up becomes justified when a couple is unable to conceive a child after 12 months of regular intercourse (two or three times a week) at the right times, in the absence of contraception. It is at this time that examinations are proposed to identify the possible causes of infertility.

Nevertheless, the time before consulting may be shortened depending on the age of the woman or if there is a known or suspected disease of the genital tract in men or women. In this case, a medical check-up is prescribed without waiting for this period of 1 year (often after 6 months of unsuccessful trials).

The patient coordination team at Indira IVF works efficiently to constantly evaluate ways and methods to make the fertility test process patient-friendly by decreasing the number of visits and duration of stay at Indira IVF.

Infertility Testing Procedure: How to check for infertility?

This consultation helps:

  • to confirm the diagnosis of infertility;
  • to find a sometimes simple cause of infertility that can be easily treated
  • to consider any necessary additional examinations after a general medical exam of the couple

Testing for infertility treatment includes-

In the first place, the doctor looks for the existence of factors favouring the decline in female or male fertility:

  • Age
  • For women: the age of puberty, the regularity of menstrual cycles, gynaecological past (miscarriages, abortions, etc.);
  • Medical and surgical history that may have an impact on fertility (cryptorchidism, uterine fibroid, salpingitis, STI, endometriosis etc.);
  • The existence of a current chronic disease (diabetes, autoimmune disease etc.);
  • The existence of a genetic disease or difficulty conceiving a child in close relatives;
  • Certain lifestyle factors (Occupation-related and others including substance, smoking, drinking etc.)

The doctor then proceeds to examine both the partners. Clinical examination includes a general examination, supplemented by a gynaecological examination with smear of the cervix in women if necessary, and an examination of the genitals in men.

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