Appropriate Lifestyle Choices for Fertility

November 17, 2018

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Today’s generation is constantly struggling with keeping up a healthy balance between their personal and professional life. Our lifestyle choices have a huge impact on our mental and physical stability as well. In such a stressful time, are you struggling in starting a family? Fret not. We are going to mention a couple of lifestyle choices that are going to increase the risk of infertility. Eliminating these from your lifestyle and will bring a positive change in your family life.

Alcohol: the consumption of alcohol is not just risky for your liver but it affects fertility drastically. In women, it reduces the chances of ovulation. In men, it affects the quality of sperm which results in infertility.

Drugs and smoking: smoking cigarettes cause cancer and some drugs have hallucinogens that are harmful to our brains but these are not the only problems both the habits cause. They also reduce virility in both genders.

Caffeine: a lot of us are addicted to our daily cup of Tea/Coffee and starting a day without such beverages makes us susceptible to irritation and mood swings. But daily consumption of drinks like, Tea, Coffee and caffeinated cold-drinks reduce the chances of conceiving.

Stress: this is one of the most common reasons behind infertility and our hectic schedules and constant obsession with social-media, hampers the ability of conceiving.

Weight issues: drastic weight gain/loss is one of the major reasons behind infertility in women and a lot of women who stress eat or are suffering from PCOD, have to deal with this.

Toxic chemicals: getting exposed to hazardous chemicals for a longer period of time results in infertility.
If we take care of the abovementioned points then the chances of starting a family and conceiving without any glitches become easy and complications and risks are reduced to a bare minimum.

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