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Blocked Fallopian tubes : The Test Tube Baby (IVF) , Dr Gaurav Sharma, Bhandup, increase in the chances of this condition,

Blocked Fallopian tubes : The Test Tube Baby (IVF) approach for conceiving
Blocked fallopian tubes also come in the category of one of the main causes of female infertility. No, there are usually no symptoms, but there are some risk factors associated with it that can lead to an increase in the chances of this condition. Blocked fallopian tubes are also known as Tubal Occlusion medically. These are fine muscular tubes which are lined and delicate hair-like structures and works in both of the directions, which helps an egg to travel through ovaries to the uterus (womb) and at the same time, helping the sperm travel up from the uterus towards the egg. Both of the fallopian tubes ends in fine finger like structures known as fimbriae, which catches and guides an egg after the ovary releases it.

Fallopian tubes play an extremely important role because that is where most of the eggs are fertilized. If any part of the tube gets damaged either by surgery or any other infection, then they can be blocked by scar tissue and would block the entire process of passage of egg and sperm to be fused together, as a result, ends into no fertilization. But there’s nothing untreatable and incurable in the field of ART when you Dr. Gaurav Sharma, whose skills in treating women with blocked fallopian tubes never failed and he has always given positive results while treating such cases. A top-notch expert and doctor, who is not only an extraordinary fertility specialist known for his successful IVF pregnancies on women with blocked fallopian tubes, but his soft spoken and easy going nature with his patients makes him the most admired and respected among his patients and staff in Bhandup, Maharashtra.

Nothing is as tough as being a doctor but at the same time, nothing is as gratifying and convincing as being the same. Good at both of his specializations, Dr. Sharma is one of the best IVF specialist and Gynaecologist at the same time. With nearly a decade of experience in the field of Assisted reproductive technology, he has fulfilled the little dreams of many families by pursuing successful IVF treatment on them. He has received first prize in his research papers at AICOG (West Zone). He has worked in jungles for the Aadivasi population post MBBS, thereafter pursuing his MS. He is also a sports enthusiast and takes part in Marathons often. With an objective to penetrate the smaller regions of India and to aid the childless couples with advanced treatment and facilities, he wants to reach wherever possible because he thinks fertility treatment is still limited to larger cities and it need to be broadened more.
He says “Challenge of fulfilling the desire of childless couples is beyond imagination and in right hands with right treatment; no couple in the World can remain childless”




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