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ERAtest: ERA test is performed to pinpoint the optimal moment for embryo transfer. Read more about the clinical benefits of the ERA test for IVF at Indira IVF.


As ERA test for IVF is relatively a modern test at the molecular stage that helps in identifying the composition stages of 238 genes that take part in endometrial receptivity. It can thereby let it easy to assess whether or not the endometrium is appropriately responsive for embryo transfer in the specified period or if the supposed window of implantation (WOI) has moved it also brings various types of questions in the minds of healthcare professionals and IVF patients in particular like:Is ERA test painful? What is the success rate of ERA test? What is the ERA test cost in India? Alternatively, what does the ERA test cost in Delhi? Alternatively, what does the endometrial receptivity analysis cost? Can you determine the success rate of ERA test? How do you know that ERA test is non-receptive? How can ERA test help in IVF? Asked our IVF specialist in Bengaluru Dr. Manjula B. C (Indira IVF clinic in Bengaluru) while addressing a gathering of reproductively challenged couples and health care professionals at the Indira IVF center in Bengaluru. If you have been diagnosed with recurring implantation failure (RIF) do contact us at 18003092323 and our IVF specialist in Bengaluru will attend to you personally.


Human implantation is an incredibly complicated and also multifactorial procedure. Effective implantation at least needs the existence of a good embryo, a receptive endometrium, a synchronized as well as productive molecular communication between the two aspects and then free security from the host. On account of insufficient goal as well as precise ways of evaluation, endometrial receptivity (ER) is seldom examined in an infertile patient or ahead of in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The review of organic samples utilizing molecular profiling has refreshed demand for the research of ER especially in the context of implantation failure (IF) in IVF explained the best IVF specialist in Dr. Vinod kumar ( Indira IVF treatment center in Rajaji nagar).

The woman endometrium is an evolving tissue; it goes through variations at several stages throughout the menstrual phase due to ovarian hormones as well as paracrine secretions. The endocrine, as well as paracrine secretions, manage gene-term of the various endometrial cell forms. The proliferative stage, regulated by estrogen provides for the expansion of stromal cellular material and glands and elongation of the spiral arteries. The postovulatory progesterone (P) increase results in secretory alterations along with the endometrium gets a responsive phenotype allowing implantation of the blastocyst. This period of receptivity is called the ‘window of implantation’ (WOI). The WOI opens on day nineteen or perhaps twenty of the phase and then stays available for merely 4–5 days at that moment once P attains maximum serum levels. In the course of the stage of receptivity, the endometrium goes through morphological, cytoskeletal, biochemical, as well as hereditary alterations to emerge as functionally reliable. The potential to recognize the endometrial WOI in the laboratory environment will improve the result of fertility treatments like IVF confirmed Dr.Yogita Parihar(Indira IVF clinic in Indore).

Endometrial receptivity markers

Medical diagnosis of ER has posed an issue due to the deficiency of a precise, noninvasive, as well as clinically relevant medical tests. Histological, biochemical, as well as ultrasound markers of ER are offered to be used to enhance implantation rates (IRs) in IVF. Regrettably, many of these procedures are intrusive and also not one enjoy any specific predictive importance. Although minimal in importance, ultrasound markers of ER are utilized in the laboratory environment. ER is evaluated on the principle of endometrial consistency, nature, number, as well as the flow of blood styles asserted Dr. Manjula B. C (Indira IVF and IUI Clinic in Bengaluru).

Endometrial receptivity array

The quest for an acceptable marker of ER resulted in the growth and development of a molecular diagnostic evaluation, the endometrial receptivity array (ERA). ERA includes a personalized microarray depending on the transcriptomic signature of woman ER, mainly if the woman endometrium is responsive to blastocyst adhesion stated Dr. Sonalika Chaudhary (Indira Test tube baby clinic and surrogacy center in Dehradun).

It is made to find ER by reviewing the genetic profile of the test sample with the ones from luteinizing hormone (LH) + seven controls in an organic cycle, or even on day five of P administration (P + five) after E2 priming in an HRT phase. The evaluation includes 238 genes which are differentially stated between these types of profiles. This array is paired to a computational predictor which can analyze the customized endometrial WOI of a particular patient irrespective of their endometrial histology mentioned Dr. Manjula B. C (Indira IVF clinic in Bengaluru).

The gene signature employed by the predictor was acquired by choosing those genes whose term was constant among three distinct types of ER: The organic cycle like the optimum model, the COH cycle like suboptimal, as well as the refractory endometrium-like an adverse control. The bioinformatics predictor classifies an endometrial model like receptive or perhaps non-receptive. The non-receptive ERA is also categorized like perceptivity or even post receptive providing a precise position of the endometrium during biopsy added further Dr. Akanksha Jangid (Indira IVF clinic in Kolkata).

Precision, as well as persistence, are the hallmarks of an excellent diagnostic evaluation. ERA carries a level of sensitivity as well as specificity of 0 .99758 and 0 .8857, respectively. It has even been noted to get an excellent reproducibility claimed Dr. Amol Lunkad (Indira IVF treatment center in Pune).

The research of the transcriptome of ER has brought to light the truth that the WOI is not fixed, just as was thought before. Embryo-endometrial synchrony is critical to effective implantation, which is identified ever since the 1960s. It has moreover been demonstrated many problems in IVF could be related to embryo-endometrial asynchrony. Ovarian stimulus assigned for follicular recruitment advancements endometrial growth; when embryos are transmitted the WOI is closed enumerated our best IVF specialist in Bengaluru Dr. Manjula B. C (Indira IVF and IUI Clinic in Bengaluru).

The transcriptomic signature of the WOI is useful to determine an individual’s customized active window to be used in IVF. It can likewise assist in comprehending the impact of various infertility treatment options on the endometrial WOI and then perhaps determine the source of treatment failure. Recognizing ER alterations in unexplained infertility, endometriosis, as well as other reasons behind infertility will assist in offering more effective cure assured Dr. Pawan Yadav (Indira Test tube baby clinic and surrogacy center in Lucknow).


The ERA is considered the most unbiased as well as precise evaluation currently available for the diagnosis ER. It is utilized to determine a changed WOI, thereby creating a customized WOI for every patient. They have proven benefit in enhancing reproductive efficiency in patients with RIF. Nevertheless, more scientific studies need to establish all these preliminary investigations. It is constrained by the intrusive character as well as associated expenses cautioned Dr. Ranvijay Singh (Indira IVF and IUI Clinic in Varanasi). To know more about ERA test and its cost in India call us now at 18003092323.


In the above article posted by our best IVF specialist in Bengaluru Dr. Manjula B. C ( Indira IVF hospital in Bengaluru) explains as to how the human implantation is a complicated procedure needing synchrony between a normal embryo as well as a functionally qualified or even receptive endometrium. As the medical diagnosis of endometrial receptivity (ER) has posed a real challenge so far, almost all available laboratory tests are subjective and so need accuracy and reliability as well as a predictive worth. Microarray technologies have permitted recognition of the transcriptomic signature of the particular window of receptivity window of implantation (WOI). This type of technological know-how has resulted in the growth and development of a molecular diagnostic device, the ER array (ERA) for medical diagnosis of ER. Utilization of this evaluation in patients with recurrent implantation failure (RIF) has revealed that the WOI is substituted in a quarter of these kinds of patients and also the usage of a personalized embryo transfer (pET) on the day of the week specified by ERA enhances reproductive efficiency. She, even more, provides that the outcomes of research carried out on the Indian populace disclosed an endometrial factor in 27.5% RIF patients, that is more significant rather than the non-RIF set 15% (P = 0 .04). After pET, the over-all present maternity rate was 42.4%, and then implantation level was 33%, that is at par with the in-vitro fertilization outcomes over one year. Whenever ERA was carried out on patients with continually thin endometrium, also it was comforting to realize that the endometrium in 75% of such patients was responsive regardless of being six mm or even less. A conception rate of 66.7% was attained in this specific group. Also though more prominent scientific studies will have to corroborate these types of outcomes ERA is now a helpful device in the medical diagnosis of armamentarium for ER.


Some of the frequently asked queries on ERA answered by the best IVF specialist in Chandigarh Dr. Himanshu Chaudhary B. C (Indira IVF clinic in Chandigarh):

What is the ERA Test?

The ERA is a heritable assessment that evaluates the expression of genes to check out whether the endometrial interior lining is appropriately prepared to permit an embryo. This technological innovation utilizes the most up-to-date technological innovation designed to evaluate the levels of the 236 genes to assess the optimum time for you to put an embryo into the uterus to contribute to effective implantation as well as conception. There exists one small window of time which is optimum and in around 80% of ladies this particular window is within the anticipated time.

Why select the ERA test?

The ERA evaluation is advisable for ladies with repeated implantation failure, known as ladies with 2 or more ineffective embryo transfers. The ERA evaluation can quickly improve the chances of an adequate conception in patients seeking frozen embryo transfer since we could time the embryo transfer to be within the particular window of time whenever implantation is most likely to take place. It is the way we could customize the time of the embryo transfer to every patient. Although ERA is not essential or suitable for every infertility patient, this has proven to be a necessary treatment for patients who were not having results elsewhere.

What is endometrial receptivity?

Endometrial receptivity is a short term distinctive compilation of elements which create the endometrium receptive to embryonic implantation. Implantation window is an interval wherein the endometrium is optimally receptive to implanting blastocyst.

What exactly is a scratch in IVF?

Endometrial scratch is a procedure used to help embryos in embedding far more efficiently after IVF,ICSI in patients who have unsuccessful cycles in spite of exchange of high-quality embryos. Endometrial scratch (ES) is a process provided by MFC to appropriate patients.

Will an endometrial biopsy give us the reason as to why you are infertile?

Indeed, an endometrial biopsy is a diagnostic evaluation employed to verify the woman’s fertility when she identifies indications that she might be infertile. As one can easily see in this particular image, a tiny tube is placed via the vagina until it gets to the uterus to have one small sample of endometrial tissue.

What exactly is unsuccessful implantation?

Repeated implantation failure (RIF) is identified if transmitted embryos do not implant following numerous in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment rounds. Any specific abnormality assigned to the embryo, the endometrium or even the auto-immune system can lead to implantation problem.





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