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Is Going for Surrogacy Really the Last Option?

IVF doctors in Delhi and Pune claim that an immense number of perfectly healthy women come to them wanting to opt for surrogacy as they have been through uncountable failed IVF cycles and cannot take it anymore. They are usually extremely hopeless with themselves and have been made to wrongfully believe, through various sources, that their uterus is incapable of conceiving.

According to the best IVF specialists in Delhi, the most reliable reason behind an IVF treatment failure is an abnormality in embryo. This is inclusive of genetic deformities or disorders, lethal diseases and more that do not let the embryo implant itself to the endometrium. It is far less likely for the reason behind the miscarriage or failed implantation to be a difficulty with the uterus. But ironically, several misconceptions and myths that have been passed on through generations pass the buck to the poor woman claiming that her body or uterus is not accepting the perfectly healthy embryo. The worst part is that if their IVF cycle fails even after the embryos had got a clean chit via tests like PGS or CCS, these misconceptions get strengthened. Although none of these genetic tests like PGS, CCS or NGS that we have today are completely dependable when it comes to analyzing an embryo and determine its future, yet doctors persuade their patients to get them done.

Hence, such women misguidedly choose to go for surrogacy. Nevertheless, IVF experts from surrogacy centers in Delhi claim that surrogacy does not ensure a successful IVF treatment as only the uterus is being replaced, the abnormalities in the embryo i.e., the main cause of IVF failure, are not being corrected. In addition, the mother does not get to experience carrying her child herself which is extremely precious to every mother-to-be.

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