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Natural IVF Cycle Vs Standard IVF Cycle Options : Find out best info on Natural IVF cycles, Standard IVF cycles, Natural IVF Vs Standard IVF Options.

Natural IVF Cycle

Natural IVF Cycle: There are many infertile couples who are confused about whether to opt for Natural IVF Cycle or Standard IVF Cycle. Since the Natural IVF cycle is less expensive and more organic, many patients think that it has a huge advantage over standard IVF cycle. Also, several patients are jittery about the side-effects of numerous hormones injected into their body during the Standard IVF cycle. Many believe that these hormones would have a deleterious effect on their biological system and health, like early menopause, and breast or ovarian cancer.

But the truth is far more nuanced. Both Natural IVF Cycle and Standard IVF cycle have their share of advantages and disadvantages. One needs to be flexible and objective while deciding which IVF cycle to opt for. The efficacy of both cycles depends on the particular person and her biological system.

Standard IVF cycle

Young patients with good ovarian reserve should ideally opt for the Standard IVF cycle as it enhances chances of success manifold. Standard IVF enables them to produce a lot of eggs hence plentiful embryos. As a result, more than one embryo can be transferred to the uterus and the rest of them can be frozen for further use. Also, patients must understand that hormones used during the Standard IVF Cycle are not as noxious as they are made out to be. The hormones used are natural and get excreted swiftly. They don’t stay in body for long and do not have hazardous effects. These hormones don’t sap ovarian reserve as they only save eggs which would otherwise perish.

Natural IVF vs Standard IVF Options

Natural IVF vs Standard IVF options are suitable for older women who have poor ovarian reserve which don’t respond fruitfully to even high-octane injections containing hormones. If the patient is producing a solitary or just a couple of follicles even after getting a high dose of injections, they should better settle for one follicle which grows in the Natural IVF Cycle as their chances of getting pregnant are equal in both Natural IVF Cycle and Standard IVF Cycle. By opting for Natural IVF Cycle, they would save a certain amount of money.

Hence, one can see that there is no hard and fast rule while choosing between Natural IVF Cycle vs Standard IVF Cycle. Both are suitable depending on people and their biological system. They must zero down on the appropriate option after gleaning the knowledge and consulting their doctors.

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