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Stress During Pregnancy: There are common worries about pregnancy that occurs during ivf treatment. Visit Indira IVF for overcome Stress During Pregnancy

How to deal with Stress during Pregnancy?

Doctors across the World share the truth about the biggest worries a pregnant woman goes through during her pregnancy period and why those worries are not as scary as women think. It’s completely natural for a woman to worry a little throughout her pregnancy because this is something new and unpredictable for her. Now, it’s time to take a huge sigh of relief because here, we are providing you with the most efficient ways in answer to how to deal with stress during pregnancy? Pregnancy Worries

On one side, pregnancy brings lots of happiness but on another side it brings uncountable fears and stress during pregnancy too. There are 12 pregnancy worries which scare women the most. These include-

1. Fear about having a miscarriage

2. Women usually worry about their baby not having enough intakes due to their morning sickness.

3. They also fear that if they eat or drink anything wrong, they will harm the baby.

4. Taking more stress will hurt the foetus.

5. The baby might have a birth defect

6. Labor will be too painful and might be early

7. Delivering will be very embarrassing

8. Getting less sleep will harm the baby

9. They will never lose the weight gain during pregnancy

10. They might develop complications like Preclampsia or gestational diabetes

11. What kind of a mother they would become?

12. They might have to go through C-section

These are the common worries during pregnancy faced by women. But if you remain completely stressed day in, day out, then it’s time for you to consult your specialist for help. Normal stress is alright but excessive and unnecessary worries about pregnancy can lead to premature birth and also, low birth weight.
Fortunately, this is unlikely to affect the ‘to be moms’ even if they still worry about pregnancy but if they handle all the worries in the right way or manner, they will completely enjoy their mommy period.

10 ways to reduce stress during pregnancy-

For a healthy ‘Mommy in making’ period you should-

1.Focus on your little one

It’s good for both, if you relax and take out some time for yourself and your baby. Right from 23 weeks, your little version can hear you, so try talking and reading to your bump. It will not only help you bond with the baby but will make you more positive towards pregnancy.

2. Share your worries

If you ever feel worried about your baby’s wellbeing, you should always step towards your doctor for assistance and reassurance. Don’t ever hesitate to share your true feeling with them because they have seen it all with their earlier patients and can help you in the best possible way. Talk to your partner and also with other would be mom’s because you both might be sharing the same stress during pregnancy.

3.Enough rest and enough sleep

Whenever you feel exhausted, listen to your body requirement, take a nap or go to the bed early. Sleep plays a vital role in anyone’s mental health and also supports a healthy pregnancy.

4.Eating well will always keep you well

Eating regular meals keeps your blood sugar level normal and spares you from feeling tired and irritable. It’s not always easy to eat and drink well but making small changes to your intake will help you feel good emotionally. This comes in the category of one of the common worries during pregnancy.
In case of dehydration, 6-8 200ml glasses a day will uplift your mood and make you feel happy and healthy.

5.Gentle exercises lift your spirit

When relaxing seems everything, you should take out some time and do easy pregnancy exercises which releases feel-good chemicals inside your brain hence, lifting your spirit to an unmatchable level and also, keeps you away from worries about pregnancy.

6.Prepare yourself for the new arrival

From fearing about normal vaginal birth to having a cesarean, you can share everything with your gynecologist and ask ‘n’ number of questions about the same and satisfy your inner queries. They will surely handle your stress during pregnancy well and will make you feel better.

7. Coping up with commuting

Commuting becomes more difficult for those pregnant women who are heavier in weight. If you a working woman, then you may request you boss to let you finish earlier than usual and also to give you some relaxation by avoiding rush hours.
During pregnancy, you should always sit while traveling in public transport and if you don’t find a proper seat, then never hesitate to ask for the same.

8.Worrying about the money problems can be worrisome

Worrying about paying for baby clothes and equipment, then you really don’t need to. For this, start with preparing a list and check if you could borrow some of them from your friends and family with babies. You can also avoid buying things which are only useful for 1 or 2 months. Buying second hand can also be an option. For working women, you should take all your maternity benefits such as full maternity grant and pay. Talk to your HR Manager and get complete entitled support.

9.Practicing mindfulness-

Practicing mindfulness helps you connect with the World and its minute details which help you in getting away from the negative thoughts. While practicing this, you will enjoy to little moments like feeling the sun, your baby kicks, fragrances etc. It will help in easing your anxiety, stress and depression.

10.Treat yourself

Meeting up with friends and loved ones, watching funny movies, reading novels and a good laugh are the best ways to relax. A relaxation pregnancy massage is also a fantastic way to distress. Aromatherapy and beauty treatments also help in reducing anxiety and stress during pregnancy. All of these keep you away from the pregnancy worries.

What if the stress still persists?

1. If you follow the above-mentioned ways, then you will probably face the least amount of stress but if you still feel stressed, then it’s time for you to talk to your doctor. You could be suffering from depression and just need a little more help to come out of it.

2. If you find out that your stress hasn’t reached to the level of depression, and still bothering you too much, then you should share everything with your specialist during a routine appointment. Getting help now will support your baby later.

3. Stress during pregnancy is something very normal but every woman can easily cope with it by little help.

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