Does Corona virus affect fertility and pregnancy ?

March 23, 2020

corona and fertility

Everyone who arrives at the hospital comes with a list of questions in their mind about this new disease Corona Virus and how it affects IVF and pregnancy.

How does Corona virus spread?

This virus is spreading just like any other virus through sneezing, coughing, spitting etc. So, the best way to protect yourself is to wash your hands properly and regularly with soap and water. Also, avoid touching your face, eyes and nose regularly. If you are using sanitizers or disinfectants, then these should contain at least 60-70% alcohol. To protect yourself, just stay at home and avoid social gatherings.

Does Coronavirus affect fertility and pregnancy?

The couples, who are planning to undergo IVF treatment sooner and haven’t started yet, should wait, shared Dr. Taruna, Chief IVF specialist, Indira IVF. But the couples, who have already started their treatment, do not need to worry at all. If their Ovum pick up is due, then it can be carried out now. But it’s better to freeze the developed embryos, so that their transfer can be planned after some time.

Is Corona virus more harmful to pregnant women than others?

To the women, who have already attained pregnancy, they too don’t need to worry because as per the data available, pregnant women too have the same effect of this virus as it would be on any other person. It is a misconception that this would take a more complex turn when talking about pregnant women. But, there is a probability of pregnant women being more susceptible to this virus than other women.

This virus can easily spread in people with low immunity level such as old age group, kids etc. Those people, who have low immunity level, may be because of diabetes, kidney transplant, consumption of anti- carcinogenic medicines or high dose steroids are more prone to this virus.

What to do when you feel these symptoms?

If you are pregnant and feeling signs like sneezing, cold, fever, neck or muscle pain, then do not avoid such symptoms, rather visit the nearest medical centers detailed by the government. You can go and get yourself a proper checkup so that this virus can be detected and taken care of timely.

When we talk about pregnant women, they better remain at their homes if they don’t have any emergency. It’s better to avoid general antenatal checkups or normal visits, Even if there falls certain emergency, one should avoid long travelling hours. Better consult nearest available gynaecologist.

We all know that there is no vaccine available to cure this disease till now, so it’s better to focus on its prevention and stop it from letting in.

This is a different type of disease which is not only infecting India but has already infected the entire World. India is going to enter its stage 3 when it starts spreading in community that is it spreads easily through person to person contact.

How to take care of yourself during this crucial time?

So, it’s better to protect yourself. You don’t need to stop your treatment if it has already been started. If your embryo transfer is due then it can wait. Also, the women who are pregnant should leave their homes only when it’s required. Keep yourself home and safe.

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