Coronavirus During Pregnancy: Frequently Asked Questions for Pregnant Patients

March 29, 2020

coronavirus during pregnancy- frequently asked questions for pregnant patients

By Dr. Vipin Chandra, Chief of Clinical & Lab Operations – Indira IVF on March 29, 2020

1. What are the symptoms of Corona virus infection?

Mild to moderate cold, cough, fever and shortness of breath. In patients with history of diabetes, Asthma or any other chronic illness, symptoms can be more severe

2. What are the chances that corona virus can infect me?

Pregnant women are not more likely to get the infection than the general population but for sure you are more vulnerable than the general population as your immune system is weak and if u get infected symptoms can be more severe.

3. What measures can I take to prevent the infection?

Avoid going outside the home unnecessarily. Maintain social distancing. Wash your hands frequently. Avoid contact with people showing symptoms of respiratory illness. Maintain hygiene.

4. Does corona virus will have any ill effect on my baby if I am diagnosed with the infection?

Still there is no evidence of transmission of infection from mother to baby antenatally or in labour. There is no data available for increased risk of miscarriage. It is currently considered unlikely that there will be congenital effects of virus on fatal development. Few reports have shown that infection can lead to preterm birth but still not confirmed.

5. Do I need to attend my routine visits?

Avoid going out for routine visit /Scan to Gynaecologist, if it’s not an emergency

6. Which Scan I should not give a miss?

Trans Vaginal Scan for Confirmation of scan, as it helps you to identify Ectopic Implantation of pregnancy, which may prove lethal if missed. NT scans at 3rd month (11-14wk), which helps to identify any gross anomaly, possible genetic abnormality. If found so one can avail less complicated 1st termination of pregnancy, instead of risky 2nd trimester termination. Target scan at 5th month(19-20weeks) to identify any structural anomaly which can have bad prognosis for baby, so that couple can take informed decision about continuing pregnancy or not

7. When Should I contact my gynaecologist?

Other than to carry out above said Scan, consult your Gynaecologist only in case of obstetrics/Medical emergency, like bleeding per vaginum, Water breakage, Pain in Abdomen, Decreased Fetal Movement, fever etc. During such conditions try to reach closest Gynaecologist & keep minimum number of attendees with you.

8. Whom to contact if I’m having symptoms suspicious of Corona Virus infection? 

If you have symptoms of corona virus infection, contact local government hospital and get evaluated.


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