Am I infertile because of too much stress?

May 5, 2018


It is commonly believed that the factors behind infertility are tangible. Stress is especially considered a major reason behind infertility. Expert IVF doctors from Delhi claim that unlike what is typically believed, stress does not affect one’s chances of being pregnant or their fertility negatively.

Furthermore, Delhi fertility clinics claim that there are so many women who don’t even realize they are pregnant until they start experiencing the symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea, food cravings, missed period, tender breasts and more. During this period of unawareness, experts from surrogacy centers in Delhi allege they indulge in all sorts of activities that might have been touted as “bad” for pregnancy since ages. Also, these women could be stressed or tensed due to an array of things such as work, family, et cetera too. Yet, it does not affect their pregnancy.

An interesting observation is that there are several teenagers who indulge in unprotected sexual intercourse. IVF specialists in Pune affirm that most of these teenagers may end up being pregnant. Now teenage pregnancy is considered taboo in many countries and such teenagers, especially the females involved are considered as renegades or outlaws. Such an attitude towards them results in their abandonment from family as well as their child’s father. This undoubtedly causes severe and relentless stress to the pregnant female. Yet, this intense stress does not cause a miscarriage of the pregnancy. Instead, most of such teen pregnancies conclude with a healthy baby’s birth, state doctors from the best IVF clinics in Pune.

Stress, tension and hysteria are nothing but natural to human beings, assert the best doctors from top infertility centers in Delhi. No one can steer clear of these emotions and feelings. Everyone is attached to several other persons and things on the planet. These include parents, partners, relatives, friends and materialistic attachments like money, jewellery, house, cars and more. Any ups and downs occurring and affecting these attachments can cause little to even great amounts of stress that is inevitable and one cannot run away from it no matter how much they meditate or keep calm in general, state wise and experienced IVF specialists in Delhi.

As a conclusion, best IVF doctors in Delhi articulate that stress can, in no proven way, affect a pregnancy negatively. Although, factors like improper blood circulation, intake of toxic substances like nicotine through cigarettes and tobacco, immobility or inactiveness and similar factors have been proven to cause complications in pregnancy.

Hence, there is no way to avoid stress but, one can tackle with it. Pregnant women need to relax and enjoy their pregnancy by letting go and going with the flow while fighting and facing whatever comes their way and coming out of it victoriously.

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