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To understand endometriosis, let us first get familiarised with the word “endometrium”. The endometrium is the tissue that lines the uterus in females.

  1. Can you conceive with IVF when you have endometriosis?

Infertility can result with relatively minor conditions of endometriosis wherein you will find absolutely no physiological blockages or even adhesions that stop regular ovulation. For young patients with enhanced endometriosis, surgical treatment to remove sizable endometriomas may improve fertility. This may be performed before IVF to ensure a pregnancy.

  1. Can IVF worsen endometriosis?

On commencing with the IVF procedure, it could increase the level of oestrogen, which may result in endometriosis to flare. Utilising Letrozole during the process of ovarian stimulation in endometriosis patients can decrease the levels of oestrogen, as is a procedure in Indira IVF centres.

  1. Can IVF help patients with endometriosis?

IVF is often the perfect plan for infertile patients with endometriosis and has good success rates. Even though you are not prepared to have a baby now, one should ask for help as neglected endometriosis could get worse gradually; so you might wish to have precautionary measures to protect your fertility.

  1. Does endometriosis affect IVF success rates?

IVF results are determined based on the fertilisation, quality of embryo, and implantation. It has been found that the best recurring maternity rate is attained in patients who underwent their IVF process 6-25 months after their endometriosis surgical treatment.

  1. Will endometriosis influence embryo implantation after IVF?

Endometriosis can affect fertility by allowing inflammatory alterations within your pelvis to produce a malicious habitat for the egg, sperm, as well as an embryo. Acute cases of endometriosis can affect the endometrial lining in the uterus and impact implantation. Hence, it becomes increasingly important to treat endometriosis before starting IVF treatment.

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