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Indira IVF uses Internet of Things (IoT) technique in their embryology labs pan India. With the help of IoT, sophisticated sensors and chips are embedded in equipments which monitor and record the valuable data and also transmit in real time. IoT systems are based on web, application or cloud and also represent data graphically for real time monitoring.

This system monitors any uncalled intervention or change in the required set up and immediately sends an alarm to the respective team or person who is able to solve the issue in real time. With this internet of things (IoT) based technology, ART clinics can understand better how their system and equipment are working.

The lab in which the embryos are developed requires specific conditioning since they are very susceptible to even a minute change in environmental conditions. The IoT platform provides labs with accurate data, dual check points, data accessibility from anywhere, and intelligent alarm systems. The alarm system sends notifications via email, automated calls, SMS etc. to concerned person; in case of no response it can also be escalated to senior management. The data collected by an automated system with actual insights without any human bias helps in minimising errors. This technology allows access and data monitoring by comfort of sitting at home, while helping to keep an eye on quality control 24/7 X 365 days.

IoT is a powerful tool which helps to analyse varied data of the entire group under one umbrella. This helps in monitoring lab and culture conditions that are very critical to human embryo growth and enables us to produce excellent results. It optimizes efficiency of both lab and lab personals leading to excellent treatment results.

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