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Microfluidic Sperm Sorter technique, also known as QUALIS is a boon to the couples facing difficulty in achieving parenthood due to male factor infertility. It is a game changing revolutionary technology where highly motile and structurally normal spermatozoa with good DNA integrity are separated from semen so that they can be used to fertilize oocytes Technological advancements in infertility treatment has led to many unprecedented achievements in the recent past. Scientific breakthroughs and newer related discoveries, especially in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatments, have massively augmented its success rate. Customised treatment backed by technical know-how is key to its success, bolstering the confidence of couples embracing these procedures at larger scale, and realising their dreams of parenthood. By deploying the latest technology at each stage of treatment and thus, becoming a process-driven organisation, Indira IVF has been able to achieve success stories much higher than industry standards.  

Microfluidic Sperm Sorter technique is a boon for fertility treatments where the male partner is found to be infertile. It is a game-changing revolutionary technology where highly motile and structurally normal spermatozoa with good DNA integrity are separated from semen so that they can be used to fertilise oocytes.

This technique is based on a principle called ‘Microfluidics’. It is observed that physiologically and genetically perfect sperms exhibit a high grade of forward motility. In this technique, an embryologist takes advantage of this property of sperms. In a simplified way, the sperms are made to race in a narrow stream of fluid. The heathiest sperms win this race and get collected in a specific chamber. Those sperms are separated and used to fertilise ovum by intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) process.

This technique is extremely helpful in the cases where the male partner has deficient amount of structurally normal sperms (teratozoospermia) or where sperms show a higher DNA fragmentation index (DFI). Patients in whom good quality embryos were not formed or IVF process has failed in previous cycle despite of a normal semen analysis report, may also opt for this technique.

The main advantage of this technique is its ability to yield morphologically normal sperms with intact DNA devoid of dead sperms or any debris that can be used in an IVF cycle. Research has proven that use of Microfluidics Sperm Sorter technique leads to higher fertilisation rate, results in better embryos, as well as increase in pregnancy rates after ICSI procedure.

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