A negative pregnancy test even after missing a period

May 5, 2018

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Missed period negative pregnancy Test

Almost fifty percent of women get negative pregnancy tests to result at their home which they try after missing their period. This disappoints them a lot, especially when they have been trying for a baby. But what these women need to understand is that home pregnancy tests are not as reliable as they are thought to be.

Experts from the best IVF hospitals and surrogacy centers state that different pregnancy tests vary in their sensitivity towards HCG. HCG hormone levels indicate whether a woman is pregnant or not. Home pregnancy tests are based on this theory wherein they map the level of HCG hormone in a woman’s urine and determine whether she has conceived or not.

However, according to IVF specialists, HCG levels in the initial stage of pregnancy do not rise as rapidly. Often times, these levels are less likely to be mapped or even identified by a home pregnancy test. Moreover, if the test kit is not adequately sensitive towards HCG, it will be even harder for it to identify the presence of or increase in HCG hormone. As a result, such tests are unable to decode pregnancy.

Top IVF doctors recommend women to take a home pregnancy test after they miss their period. However, they must not depend on it, especially if it comes out as negative. Thereafter, they must get themselves tested at a clinical lab to be sure about their pregnancy and get dependable results.

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