Obesity is a Threat to Fertility

May 7, 2018

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A woman who is planning their family and are trying to conceive need to keep a hawk eye on their weight. It is very crucial for them to maintain their weight in order to enhance the chances of getting pregnant.

How does obesity affect fertility?
Obesity leads to hormonal imbalance in the body and also affects ovulation in a woman. This is particularly for women who are trying to conceive their first baby. Obesity is related to PCOS i.e. Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome which is observed as a very common cause of infertility. This problem is seen in one woman out of every 5 women in their reproductive age. If the problem is diagnosed at an early age, it can be treated timely to curb the problem.

Some Facts:

  • Overweight women face the double risk of pregnancy-related diabetes and obese women are at 8 times risk if compared with women who have appropriate body weight
  • Obese women have a higher risk of having a miscarriage in comparison to a woman with appropriate body weight
  • Babies born to overweight/obese mothers too face health and weight problems

Maintaining the right body weight should be one of the major concerns of a woman who is planning to get pregnant. Even for the woman who is taking IVF treatment, it is crucial for her to be healthy in order to increase the chances of conceiving and make the IVF journey smooth. Experts at best IVF clinics in Pune and top IVF clinics in Delhi counsel the patients and make them understand the factors that could be taken care of increasing the chances of successful IVF cycle.

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