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Sperm Donation:
Donating sperm is considered as one of the noblest causes a man can undertake. When the male partner has zilch sperm or his sperm are of low-quality, they need some other man who is willing to donate sperm which would fuse with eggs of the female partner to form an embryo. That embryo would be implanted in the womb to produce a healthy child after 9 months.

Egg Donation:
When the female partner is unable to produce the egg due to various reasons like menopause, premature ovarian failure or age factor, the infertile couple seeks a woman who would donate eggs in place of a sum of money. These eggs are fertilized and implanted in the womb of the desired mother. Thereafter, children are born naturally. The desired mother has to undergo two to three sessions of hormonal therapy before obtaining eggs from the donor woman. It is called Hormonal Replacement Technique. This therapy is used to determine whether the womb of a woman is competent for implantation.

Embryo Donation:
When both the male partner and the female partner are infertile, they opt for embryo donation. In this, the embryo is developed by infusing the sperm and eggs of the donor couple and the embryo is implanted in the uterus of the female partner. The couple who are donating the sperm and eggs undergo a series of tests to determine any medical ailment or the quality of sperm and eggs.


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