If you’re planning for your first IUI procedure then this article is going to tell you everything you need to know before your treatment is done. Many couples face challenges while deciding for the best infertility treatment and many questions arise in their minds from how it works to how successful is IUI! When medications fail to produce a natural form of pregnancy then doctors recommend the artificial infertility treatments like IUI – intrauterine insemination and IVF – invitro fertilization. As the technology has been getting advance by leaps and bounds, the basic phenomena remain the same and IUI is known as the best infertility treatment to help women to conceive.


IUI is a type of artificial infertility treatment which is now very popular amongst people. It is the process of placing the sperm into a woman’s womb when she is ovulating. It is the process of separating and cleansing sperms for the removal of sluggish, non-motile or toxin sperms out of which only healthy and fast sperms are extracted which have higher chances of fertilizing the egg. The prepared sperms are placed inside the uterus of a woman while she is ovulating. Before this process is started women should figure out that their fallopian tubes are healthy and open. And, evaluate themselves for any kind of infection or other hormonal problems. This could be done by using hysterosalpingogram, which is classified as a form of X-ray. It locates if any blockage or problem present inside the uterus or the fallopian tube. IUI is not for women having any type of infections in their tube because that would block the passage for the egg to travel.

Another important thing to be noted that IUI infertility treatment is not the same as the IVF- invitro fertilization. It is a simpler process and works better for those women who do not have any serious fertility issue.


Intrauterine insemination infertility treatment is beneficial for couples having trouble conceiving, single women, couples of the same gender and in the following cases too:

– Couples with fertility issues or having unexplained infertility.

– When the female partner is having mild endometriosis.

– Couples of the same gender not suffering from fertility issues but who want a baby.

– Couples who are unable to have sexual intercourse might because of some physical disabilities, injuries or if the male partner is experiencing premature ejaculations.

– Couples who are suffering from medical problems like HIV, in this an HIV positive patient can transfer the disease to the partner or to the unborn baby.

– If the male partner is having semen allergy.

FIRST IUIAt the time of IUI treatment, the best quality of prepared sperm is separated and then injected into the uterus of the women. The sperm then fertilizes the egg naturally.


How does IUI work? The basic requirements to conduct IUI treatment are naturally released eggs in the fallopian tube of the women and a semen sample of healthy and motile sperms either of the male partner or of the third party sperm donor. It depends upon the particular fertility problem faced by numerous people. Sometimes fertility drugs are also needed alongside the IUI treatment. Intake of fertility drugs is also referred to as stimulating cycles as it stimulates the ovulation process and if there is no intake of fertility drugs then it is known as unstimulating/natural ovulation. Every attempt of IUI in the women’s body is known as the ‘cycle’.

Women typically release one egg per month whether it could be natural or by fertility drugs, production of eggs is utmost important in IUI treatment. In some cases, fertility drugs might be recommended for the production of multiple healthier eggs for higher chances of insemination. Tracking of the ovulation is also important, can be detected using the prediction kit or using some ultrasound scans or the blood test, which helps to time the insemination on a proper day again which is a very important factor of this treatment.

IUI treatment is generally conducted between the day 12 or the day 16 of the natural menstrual period but the appropriate day will depend upon one’s individual cycle. To conduct insemination at the best time an ultrasound scan could help to check whether the egg is mature or not. Within 24 to 40 hours of HCG injection, sperm is inserted into the uterus. The sperm sample is then washed which includes a few techniques and out of which only motile and healthy sperms are selected and toxins and dead sperms are removed.

The doctor then starts the process of IUI by putting the sperm directly in the uterus nearby the fallopian tube (a passage for an egg to travel from an ovary to the uterus), using a tube known as a catheter through the cervix. A person having unexplained infertility then the sperm might be inserted with a comparatively larger volume of fluid which allows a washup into the fallopian tube.

After the IUI treatment, rest for almost two weeks is recommended and women can track pregnancy test after two weeks or so.


Women require to track their ovulation and period, sometimes they might need to intake some drugs for healthier ovulation. It is not simple for women above the age of 40 years and nearly impossible of working successfully.


Men just need to contribute in the treatment with their sperm, which should be really healthy because if the sperms are not healthy, they might need to give them, again and again, to get the healthier sperms for the insemination process. For that, they might need to take some medicines as women. If the sperm count is still low and sperms are non-motile then IUI might not work.


As this is a natural process of placing the prepared sperms into the uterus of the women, there are chances of too many complications in this infertility treatment. The complications vary from infections in the uterus or in the fallopian tubes by the toxins or the bacterial transmission during the transfer of semen sample to multiple pregnancies. This is why precautions should be taken in advance and these type of treatments should be done only after consulting doctors and should be conducted in a reputed clinic which prioritizes the hygiene. And, multiple pregnancies can cause serious health issues as the to be born babies could have a serious risk of being premature.

Before choosing any treatment there are several things which should be taken in the count and monetary issue lies on the top of this list. So, in India, Other treatments like IVF are very expensive since it has a higher success rate. But in the present day, IUI is the more popular treatment for infertility and the success rate of this infertility treatment is also quite good and too in the budget. It is safe, cheap and an effective treatment method for infertility. Depending upon from where it has been done the cost differs, one cycle of IUI will cost around Rs.3000. The total treatment would cost you around Rs.6000 to Rs.10000 including the medicines, injections, and tests in some places. But, in the case of the third party sperm donor, the amount may increase.

The success rate for young women is higher as compared to those who are already crossed 35 years of age. IUI success on the first try or in the first cycle is as follows:

AGE                                        SUCCESS RATE

20-30 years                                  20%

30-35 years                                 10-20%

35-40 years                                 10%

Above 40 years                           2-5%



There are a lot of sources that show that stress can reduce the chances of conceiving. It could be a toll on women when she is not being able to conceive a baby. Find out ways to release your stress and continue on it regularly. Take long walks, go for a bike ride, or simply start doing yoga.

–  Make a routine of eating healthy food and continue on it.

– Stop/Quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

– Limiting caffeine would be a cherry on the top.

– Stay hydrated and free of toxins by drinking a lot of water every day.

– The type of fertility drugs chosen and the timing of taking them is also very important. As sperm washing is an important part of IUI infertility treatment and can also boost the success rate.

– Strenuous activities should be avoided because it can cause uterine contractions and that might interfere with the implantation. Light exercises are preferred such as yoga, swimming, walking, and light aerobics.

All the to-be-parents reading this article make sure you must follow all the above-given details from the working of the IUI treatment to the tips for the success of intrauterine infertility treatment. It is very important to take care of these things in the beginning, if these are not taken into count then you might make it complicated for yourselves.!


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