8 Tips to Boost Fertility

May 5, 2018

Tips to Boost Fertility

Top IVF doctors from the best IVF hospitals, infertility clinics as well as top surrogacy centers with a commendable and admirable successful IVF treatment record recommend their patients to follow the below-mentioned tips to boost fertility-

  1. Beverages-Keep an eye on the drinks and beverages you consume. Too much consumption of any potent drink is harmful for the entirety of the body let alone fertility. So stop going overboard on that favorite liquor. Moderate consumption is the key.
  2. Smoking–Smoking has been proven through several studies to be one of the most harmful habits human beings have. It affects several parts of the body, especially the lungs. Furthermore, over-smoking can have adverse effects on one’s fertility too. It is better to completely get rid of the habit to boost fertility both in men and women.
  3. Frequent Sex–Sex produces several feel good and fertility boosting hormones in one’s body. Hence having sexual intercourse frequently can help strengthen the reproductive organs of the body and boost the production of fertile hormones.
  4. Lubricants–If a couple is using lubricants, they must choose them smartly. Check the ingredients and go for the most natural and health-friendly lubricants that do not promote infection in the sexual organs.
  5. The Fertile Window–Although sexual intercourse during the “fertile window” doesn’t guarantee pregnancy, but it definitely is a more probable time for having sex in order to conceive than any other time of the month. So try to have sex during this limited time to maximize your chances of getting pregnant.
  6. Weight Management–Managing the body weight is extremely critical especially for women. It has been proven through a plethora of studies and researches that being overweight has many adverse effects on a woman’s fertility. It causes unnecessary hormone imbalance
  7. Sperm Protection–Sperms may not be limited in amount like a woman’s eggs. Yet, they must be protected and their quality and quantity should be taken care of. Bad lifestyle and eating habits can affect the quality, mobility and genetic make-up of the sperms in one’s bodies. This results in low sperm production, low amount of sperms in the semen and immobile sperms too. Hence, it is critical for men to ensure that they are consuming healthy food, drinking limited amounts of alcohol and not smoking at all.
  8. Exposure to Pesticides and Chemical–Being exposed to harsh chemicals like pesticides and carcinogens and more has been concluded and tested to be extremely fatal for sperms as well as eggs. They may cause deadly diseases too. No doubt, they affect one’s reproductive organs unfavorably too.

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