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Adenomyosis is a common but poorly understood GYN condition that affects women of all age groups. This condition has become a growing concern for many women trying to get pregnant.

What is Adenomyosis?

Adenomyosis occurs when the cells that line the inside of the uterus are abnormally located in the uterine wall or myometrium. This result in an enlarged uterus, causing debilitating pain and heavy bleeding during periods.

Dr. Sharunkumar Gynecologist & IVF Specialist explained that: “Adenomyosis often starts to affect female health after 35 and causes a negative impact on female fertility however its treatment increases the chances of getting pregnant.” Before moving further to discuss its causes, symptoms and available options for Adenomyosis treatment, let’s know some quick facts about this serious but overlooked disease:

  • One in every 100 women will face in their lifetime
  • About 40% to 50% of patients with this is likely to diagnosed with Endometriosis as well.
  • 1 in every 5 women diagnosed with Endometriosis after the age of 30 is at high risk of it.
  • it often results in hysterectomy, an operation performed to remove a woman’s uterus.
  • Women diagnosed with Adenomyosis mostly present with anemia, a condition where the body has a deficiency of blood cells or Hemoglobin resulting in pallor or weak appearance.

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