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What are the causes of Adenomyosis?

No one knows sure cause of Adenomyosis, much more research is still needed. It is important to notice that its not Endometriosis but many women who have this also have Endometriosis and it usually disappears after menopause. But there are some theories concluding causes Adenomyosis cause includes:

Invasive Growth of Foreign Tissues

Some researches say Adenomyosis may be caused due to direct invasion of endometrial cells. A uterine incision made during some operations such as C-section can promote direct invasion of endometrium cells into the wall of the uterus.

Uterine Inflammation and Childbirth

Another theory relates to uterine inflammation with childbirth. According to this theory, an inflammation of the uterine lining during the postpartum period may cause a break in the normal boundary of cells lining the uterus.

Abnormal Uterine Development

Some other theories suggest that at the time when the uterus is developing in the female embryo, the formation of the cells of the endometrium somehow becomes deposited in the muscles of the uterus.

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