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What is Artificial Intelligence-Embryo Selection?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now being successfully used in In Vitro Fertilisation. A significant part of IVF success depends on the right embryo being selected for uterine transfer or cryopreservation. To make the optimum selection of the best quality embryos with a high potential of a successful pregnancy, an effective Artificial Intelligence tool called Life Whisperer is now being utilised at Indira IVF.

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Artificial Intelligence Embryo Selection through the “Life Whisperer” enables embryologists to use only the most promising embryos for the IVF process. The embryo selection process was initially done manually using an international scoring standard or an embryo scope scoring standard. The process has now been taken over by artificial intelligence technology. Artificial Intelligence can select embryos with highest accuracy.

During the process, the AI creates an in-depth- image of the embryo and studies the traits of the embryo to generate an AI score. The AI score guides embryologists to use the best quality embryos for the IVF process. Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Embryo Selection is a ground-breaking technology that uses AI to indicate the quality and identify complex patterns of embryos. This level of assessment cannot be done manually using the human eye.

The “Life Whisperer’s” technology essentially depends on the AI using machine learning to identify embryo traits from around the world and accurately pinpoint the ones that have led to successful pregnancies. After an extensive series of assessments, the AI then provides a potential implantation score (AI Score) which helps determine the ideal embryos for implantation.

The AI embryo selection process can ease the entire IVF procedure and greatly increase the success rates of conceiving on the first IVF cycle itself. Read less

Indications to Use AI-Embryo Selection

Artificial Intelligence enhanced embryo selection can be used by the following:

  1. Patients who have had previous failed IVF cycles.
  2. Patients who are undergoing a current IVF cycle.
  3. Patients who have more than one embryo available for transfer
  4. Patients who are undergoing Embryo freezing or cryopreservation for later use.
  5. Patients who have experienced implantation failures in IVF.

Benefits of AI-Enhanced Embryo Selection

AI-enhanced embryo selection with the help of the “Life Whisperer” tool poses several potential benefits for patients:

  1. Helps in the selection of the most viable embryos from the possible options.
  2. It reduces the number of IVF cycles for successful conceptions.
  3. It increases IVF success rates.
  4. Reduces the risk of IVF failure and failed implantations.
  5. It helps women conceive quickly.
  6. In the case of a single embryo, AI for embryo selection helps in assessing its quality and predicting possible results of the cycle. 

This highly advanced & precise AI tool is indeed a revolutionary addition to the IVF procedure. We hope to bring smiles to the face of more & more people at affordable costs using this excellent AI technology.

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