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AI Embryo Selection (FAQs)

Let’s discuss some Frequently Asked Questions about AI Embryo Selection.

1. What does Artificial Intelligence (AI) based embryo selection imply?

Indira IVF, the largest and most technologically advanced group of IVF clinics in India, has introduced the most comprehensive artificial intelligence technology across its 115+ facilities. This Life Whisperer AI tool evaluates photos of embryos to determine their quality, assisting the embryologist in choosing the embryo most likely to result in a favourable outcome. The capability of the AI models to pinpoint the embryo with the best chance of resulting in a successful pregnancy is the basis of the evaluation.

2. What are the probabilities of being pregnant using AI?

Recent studies show that the latest & most precise AI tool called Life Whisperer is said to increase the pregnancy success rate. It could all be credited to the power of assessing & evaluating embryo development with AI, which was impossible with manual methods.

3. What are the benefits of AI-Enhanced Embryo Selection?

The following are the benefits of AI Embryo selection:

  • It speeds up the process of getting pregnant.
  • It lessens the potential need for additional IVF cycles, reducing cost.
  • It helps choose the finest embryo for the first time among many.
  • It provides an impartial decision about whether to transfer the embryo or begin a new IVF cycle when only one embryo is formed (from many eggs).

4. How does IVF differ from Artificial Insemination?

AI and IVF are fundamentally different from one another since, while in the former, fertilisation & embryo development occurs inside the body of the woman, in the latter, it occurs in controlled laboratory conditions. The Artificial Intelligence-based IVF procedure using the Life Whisperer tool enhances the chances of successful pregnancy making it better than the Artificial Insemination process. You can visit your nearest Indira IVF fertility clinic to learn more about this excellent AI technology.

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