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Why Choose Indira IVF for Micro TESE in India?

Micro-TESE is the surgical extraction of sperm directly from the testicle. This treatment is mainly used in men where no sperm cells have been found in the sperm (azoospermia). At Indira IVF, micro testicular sperm extraction is performed with extra care, enabling better results.

Micro-TESE is recognized worldwide as the best method to find sperm in men with non-obstructive azoospermia and male factor infertility. Because only few specialists master this technique, it is only performed in a few hospitals. However, it is performed across 120+ Indira IVF centres pan India with the help of expert doctors and technicians.

Random biopsy, as is the case with other techniques, is not an adequate method to assess sperm production correctly and accurately.

Studies have examined the results of Micro-TESE in men where options (such as standard TESE Testicular sperm extraction) have previously yielded no sperm. These studies have shown that sperm was found in 20% of men treated in a previous biopsy such as Sertoli Cell Only (SCO) syndrome and in 40-50% of men who had immature sperm (maturation arrest) in a previous biopsy.

At Indira IVF, Micro-TESE or testicular sperm extraction is performed in men with severely impaired sperm production. The process of Micro-TESE is performed by skilled technicians under the guidance of India’s leading fertility experts across all Indira IVF centres, with high success rates.

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