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1st & 2nd Floor, Trimurti Plaza,9-Park Road, Opp. Bismil Park,Mohalla-Araji Chhavni, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh 273001 India

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IVF Center in Gorakhpur

Now I am a mother in spite of poor AMH courtesy the INDIRA IVF center in Gorakhpur.

  We would love to say thanks to the team of IVF specialists/center in Gorakhpur at Indira IVF from the bottom of our hearts in making our desire of being mom and dad to a gorgeous child seem true, after unsuccessfully attempting to have a baby normally for  some time.

One year back, we were informed by a prominent fertility center we were not going to ever have a baby because of my poor AMH levels and in spite of IVF treatment our odds to have a baby were negligible. This came as a surprise to both my hubby and me who never ever believed it might happen to us. However, we denied ourselves surrendering on our goal to have our own biological child. We came to Indira IVF center in Gorakhpur after checking that they specialise in the infertility cure for women with reduced AMH levels by taking a much more organic way to IVF, and even employed much fewer medications as compared to the traditional form of IVF which truly appealed to us and we are now so happy we tried!

From the second that we stepped into Indira IVF clinic in Gorakhpur and even met Dr.Shikha Mukhija (Center head-Indira infertility clinic and test tube baby center in Gorakhpur). We realized that we had selected the best choice available. We were handled with a great deal of understanding. And their optimistic and custom made method to our medical ailment made us think that our desire of bearing our own biological child could be achievable here. Under the guidance of Dr.Shikha Mukhija and her team of infertility specialists in Gorakhpur, we began with our first IVF treatment soon after our preliminary visit. But were let down as my follicles were not well suited for treatment that month.

Since Indira IVF being one of the best IVF hospitals/center in Gorakhpur, the IVF specialists in Gorakhpur explained that this could just be an interim problem.

So thereby we shouldn’t stop trying and the period after that we continued our treatment. We were thrilled as 6 eggs were secured after IVF treatment, then again upset as only one egg fertilised over-night. Our single embryo was implanted so 14 days down the road we were over the moon to secure a favourable result after the pregnancy check.

Now we have no doubt that the Indira IVF is one of the best IVF centers in Gorakhpur. Their constructive method with consistent guidance and support which we got from the Indira IVF center in Gorakhpur. At the time of our IVF treatment were key in getting our vision come true so for this we are going to be eternally in their debt forever.

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