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Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist

Choosing the centre is very important. One should always look for the centre which has the highest number of successful IVF treatment at affordable ra...

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Dr. Shreya Bhattacharya

Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist

Currently, the fertility market has grown exponentially as IVF has become affordable and easily available. Fertility treatments are extremely advanced...

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Dr. Prosun Bera

Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist

They say when one door gets closed another opens. IVF is one such door which welcomes you with open arms. Understand its process and do not lose hope....

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Dr. Archana Verma

Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist

Fertility treatment should be based on proper guidelines, and it should also be curated keeping in mind patient's financial, social and mental conditi...

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Fulfilling the dreams of helpless infertile couples is the greatest motivation ever. Awareness about infertility treatment is increasing with every pa...

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How to find the best IVF Center in Kolkata?

Choosing the best IVF clinic in Kolkata is definitely a private decision. Hence, the requirements will depend on your own circumstances. Following points have to be considered while choosing the best IVF center in Kolkata for your specific needs:Professional services offered

The fallopian tubes venture out from either side of the entire body of the uterus and also shape the pathways in which the egg can be carried out from the ovary into the uterus. The fallopian tubes are around ten centimeter in length as well as the exterior edge of every tube is funnel-shaped, resulting in lengthy fringes referred to as fimbriae. The fimbriae capture the developed egg as well as guide it right into the fallopian tube once emitted by the ovary explained our IVF specialist in Kolkata Dr. Akansha Jangid (Centre Head - Indira IVF clinic in Kolkata).

Will the infertility clinic offer you the treatment which is right for you? How about some supplementary services you might want for instance a support group in addition to free counselling?

Indira IVF clinic in Kolkata is armed with cutting-edge commercial infrastructure, sophisticated equipment and a group of outstanding fertility specialists. And are seriously dedicated to giving all the major as well as ancillary assistance associated with your entire treatment under the same roof. Since they recognize the importance of a concerted, detailed and professionally managed the system for your successful pregnancy.

Eligibility for treatment

A few clinics have got age and body mass index (BMI) considerations for cures. Some merely take care of private clients. Get in touch with your shortlist of potential clinics to check and see if you are qualified to receive treatment there. At Indira IVF center in Kolkata, we think that every wannabe mother should get an equal opportunity to become one, so we follow a very liberal policy. And hence, all are welcome to have a free second opinion here.

Specific location and starting times

So how comfortable is the specific location? In the event you select an infertility clinic in Kolkata which is even further away, you might be capable of having some treatment options at a local healthcare facility. This may help you save going to the infertility center for each and every test as well as treatment, rendering it easier. You may even wish to pick an infertility center which includes opening times which are most effective to suit your needs – for instance, an infertility center in Kolkata which offers dawn or dusk meetings.

Whether you are a working couple or otherwise, Indira IVF clinic in Kolkata is ready to accommodate its IVF patients in the best way possible to suit their time. Contact us now with your query or you can even call us at our helpline numbers and our IVF specialists in Kolkata will help fix up an appointment on a date and time most suitable to you.

Waiting times What are the waiting lists like for an infertility treatment?

If you are using donor sperm or eggs for your infertility treatment, it is really worth getting in touch with a couple of IVF clinics to know as to how the waiting lists compare for donor treatments. Since Indira IVF center in Kolkata is having its own team of in-house infertility specialists, nurses, staff and lab in Kolkata. And having an extensive database for donor sperms or eggs. Hence, it is having the shortest waiting lists across all other IVF clinics in the country.

First appearances Whenever you get in touch with or simply pay a visit to the fertility center, carefully consider the way you look and feel there as well as about the manner the staff takes care of you. Be sure to ask as many questions as possible. So that you are perfectly familiar with the infertility treatment they are suggesting. If possible, speak with some other IVF patients to learn about their own viewpoints of the fertility center.

Every new IVF patient at the Indira IVF clinic in Kolkata are encouraged to ask questions. The counsellors are fully qualified and skilled in answering queries of any nature regarding fertility and IVF.

Number of cycles of IVF treatment tried Learn how many cycles (rounds of treatment) were tried before attempting a different method or even ceasing the treatment totally. Although pregnancy and number of cycles are dependent on the condition of an IVF patient and their age. Indira IVF center in Kolkata has one of the best live birth rate per cycle across the nation.

Rules for embryo transfer IVF clinics might swap around 2 embryos in most women under forty as well as a maximum of 3 in most women aged forty or over. Transferring a number of embryos raise the dangers of multiple births, the sole most anticipated threat of fertility treatment.

Dr. Akansha Jangid (Indira infertility clinic and test tube baby center in Kolkata) always recommends single embryo transfer (SET) if the IVF patient in question is at a high risk of having multiple pregnancies. Support groups and counselling

Getting psychological support is essential while going through a fertility treatment. Therefore, a fertility center should give you a chance to speak to a counsellor about the complications of your recommended therapy before you can agree to it.

The itinerary at the Indira IVF clinic in Kolkata clearly spells out planned visits and counselling sessions from the very start. It also has the necessary support groups and the team of infertility specialists, nurses and staff who are always there to motivate you through the entire IVF process.

Success rates It’s just normal for you to wish to know your own probabilities of success. Select a certified IVF clinic which offers information on good results, showing the number of IVF treatments done in a certain calendar year and the number of pregnancies together with live births that ensued.

However, these types of good results need to be utilized merely as a normal guide. You should not try them as a forecast of your own chance of success. An IVF clinic treating relatively far more patients with complex diagnoses might have a smaller average success rate as compared to an IVF clinic that cures a number of patients with normal fertility problems.

Starting 1988, Indira Infertility Center Specialists has always been honoured to assist numerous partners negotiate the usually difficult voyage of infertility and finally recognize their desire parenthood. It really is the objective of our infertility specialists and IVF laboratory team to present you with the modern day health care advancements to deal with infertility. Please visit our testimonial page and hear what these successful couples have to say about our services.

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