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In a general IVF procedure, the female partner needs to take fertility medicine to increase egg production in the ovaries. During this period, the doctor will keep an eye on the eggs' progress. When the egg is ready to be extracted, the ICSI process is carried out.

The following steps are followed in the ICSI procedure-

Retrieval of sperm and egg

Either the male partner must generate a sperm sample by ejaculating into a cup, or the sperm must be surgically extracted. The sperm can be extracted in a variety of different methods. Through a treatment named TESA, sperm is retrieved for ICSI. It is performed under anaesthetic in the operating room or office, and it is timed to coincide with the egg retrieval of their female spouse. The testicle is pierced with a needle, and tissue/sperm are aspirated.
A small needle and ultrasound probe will be used to extract several eggs from the woman's ovaries.

Sperm Injection into the Egg

The semen sample is then cleansed and a single sperm is extracted. With a very small hollow needle, this is then inserted into an egg. The sperm does not have to swim through the cervical fluid since it is injected immediately. It can take up to 24 hours for sperm to fertilise an egg and form an embryo.

Monitoring the Embryo

The fertilised embryos are preserved in a laboratory for up to 6 days after fertilisation. During this stage, they are watched for signs of development and growth. The fertilised embryos will not all be transported to the uterus of the mother. As a result, this phase is critical for selecting the healthiest and most viable embryos.

Embryo Transfer

One or two embryos are chosen and transferred to the female partner’s womb using an ultrasound-guided catheter once the embryo has reached a particular stage of development. This might happen two days after conception or five days afterwards.

The rest of the procedure is similar to that of a biological pregnancy. The embryo must adhere to the uterus's walls and continue to grow. Two weeks after the fertilised egg has been transferred to the womb, a pregnancy test is typically recommended.

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