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Who is a Sperm Donor?

When the cause of infertility is due to low sperm count or distorted sperm structure, donor sperm can be used for fertilisation with a healthy egg in IVF.

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Even single parents, especially single mothers, can opt for donor sperm to undergo an IVF procedure and achieve a successful pregnancy.

Therefore, you should have proper information about sperm donation before you opt for it for your IVF procedure or search for sperm donors near you.

A sperm donor is a male individual who has been deemed fit for sperm donation. Donated sperm is stored in a sperm bank which can be used for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), or intracervical insemination. Read less

What is a Donor Sperm?

When sperm is donated for use in the process of artificial insemination during an IVF procedure, it is known as donor sperm. Donor sperm is usually obtained from a sperm bank, a storage facility of healthy sperm from various donors. 

Selecting a Sperm Donor

Sperm can be donated by individuals who-

  • Do not smoke
  • Are aged between 18 to 40
  • Are physically healthy
  • Have passed extensive medical and genetic screening tests

Usually, sperm from anonymous donors are taken for fertility treatment. However, sometimes couples may have the option to choose a donor who may share similar genetics as that of the father among the recipient parents.

Screening of Sperm Donors

One reason why a couple chooses artificial insemination using sperm from a sperm bank is that they want to avoid passing on some genetically transmitted disease. Therefore, before becoming a sperm donor, one must undergo thorough physical, medical, and genetic screening. They are tested for various infectious diseases as well as sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B, etc. Detailed information on the sexual and personal history of the intended donor is required as well. 

After the collection of the semen sample, it is frozen and isolated to be tested for STDs again after six months. After the final screening, it is stored for use in infertility treatments. 

Becoming a Sperm Donor

If you want to become a sperm donor, you must choose a sperm bank near you. After contacting the sperm bank, you will have to provide your bio-data, including the following-

  • Your photo
  • Disclosure of full medical details and social history
  • Information regarding education qualification
  • Other information may be required by the sperm bank.

The sperm bank may require such information as couples may demand donors whose genetic and physical attributes may be somewhat similar to that of the male partner. Even single parents may want specific physical or behavioural attributes in their child. Knowing such information about the donors may be useful to engineer the embryo through the selection of sperm.

Risks of Using a Sperm Donor

There may not be any medical risks when using donor sperm because all the FDA-approved tests & examinations are done before choosing the sperm donor. However, there are some which can occur in the later stage of life concerning parentage as well as influencing varying emotions.

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