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Tips to choose an egg donor in IVF. Choosing the right egg donor for donor egg IVF process is not an easy task. Read on to find out more.

Choosing the Right Egg Donor for Donor Egg IVF process-

Choosing the right egg donor for donor egg IVF process is not an easy task. There are ‘n’ number of aspects to take into consideration when choosing which qualities are important & right to you in creating your family. At Indira IVF, we try to simplify the egg donor process for you by providing the right information about some of the most common egg donation questions and concerns.

• Anonymous vs. Known Egg Donation

This is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. You can choose to have a known egg donor or an anonymous egg donor for your donor egg IVF process. When choosing a known egg donor for your egg donation procedure, we can help you picturize the involvement & connection that you would like your respective egg donor to have in your & your child’s life. An unknown/ anonymous egg donor’s identity is never revealed to the receptive family and thus, a confidential and clearly defined relationship is formed.

• Personality & Physical Appearance

This category is usually very important to intended parents during the egg donation procedure. You will know them better when you will get to see their pictures (childhood & latest) and read their profiles to determine if their physical traits are a good match for you, in case of both known and unknown donors . However, with known donors, you also have the ability to meet them once they have been medically cleared by your IVF clinic and all the documents have been completed. If physical features are not that significant to you, then you are going to have even more options from our egg donor database. Indian Egg donation process is the least complex & a very simple process. Once you trust us with your parenthood dream, you don’t have to worry about the donation process or the egg donor price.

• Medical History –

It’s very important to evaluate the donor’s medical history carefully. We provide different elements of an egg donor’s medical history throughout the sections of our database during Indian egg donation process. Our detailed questioning, earlier records & complete data about the donor, help evaluate if donors might be carriers for certain genetic diseases. Indira IVF believes in providing its patients with detailed information about genetic testing & also, about the medical screening requirements for the egg donor.

Location –

While it is important to take the location of a donor into account, keep in mind that your case manager can help you find an egg donor who is closer to your IVF clinic as per your preference. In case of a non-local donor, the hospital will manage all the travel arrangements so that the patient don’t have to. We like to emphasize the importance of finding the right egg donor for you with an affordable egg donor price. It’s important to know that the travel cost range is based on the distance traveled, but any unused travel funds are always returned.

• Donors who have done it before –

Choosing a donor who has already been through the egg donation process before, also known as a repeat donor, can have its own benefits, but does not necessarily ensure positive results. It becomes very relaxing to work with a repeat donor as she is already familiar with the egg donor process and her body responds well to medications. We are more than willing to take note of any recommendations your IVF physician may have provided you, in finding you the best & the most desirable donor to meet your family’s needs.




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