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Can pregnancy occur with one ovary and one fallopian tubes, pregnancy with one ovary and one fallopian tubes, one fallopian tubes

Uterus is connected to two ovaries by a pair of muscular tubes called fallopian tubes. Every month during ovulation an egg is released from one of the ovaries which is collected by the fallopian tube. The egg in fallopian tube is fertilized by a sperm( if available) to form embryo, which in next 3-4 days travels to the uterus for pregnancy to continue. For natural pregnancy to occur ovulation from an ovary, patency and funtioning of fallopian tube, healthy uterus and normal sperm is a pre-requisite.

For various reasons a woman may have one ovary and one fallopian tube, fortunately this condition leads to little change in pregnancy rate. Some pathology can affect one ovary and/or one fallopian tube leading to removal of a single ovary called unilateral oophorectomy, one fallopian tube removal called unilateral salphingectomy or both on
one side called unilateral salphingo-oophorectomy for treatment and prevention such as..

  • Ovarian cyst causing torsion( twisting of ovary ).
  • Abscess ( pus due to infection).
  • Surgery for ectopic pregnancy ( pregnancy outside uterus).
  • Pelvic pathology leading to surgery and removal.
  • Occasionally, some are born with one fallopian tube and one ovary.

Women with one ovary have chance of getting pregnant similar to one having two ovaries provided it is healthy and normal functioning. The most important thing for pregnancy with one ovary and one fallopian tube is if the presence of that single ovary in same side that of single fallopian tube because tubal end hangs near ovary to catch egg released during ovulation. If a healthy egg released from ovary is taken up by fallopian tube and fertilized there is no significant change in fertility rate.

Presence of one fallopian tube with regular menstural cycle can’t be known until diagnostic work-up for fertility such as hysterosalphingography (HSG) X-ray or laproscopy is done. In HSG X-ray dye comes out via one tube only. The laproscopy finding of one ovary and one tube maybe incidental while looking for other pelvic pathology.

Fertility treatment depends on investigation results. If one ovary and one fallopian tube is functioning optimally with healthy uterus and normal semen analysis report then fertility boost can be with medication or intrauterine insemination and have a good chance of conception.if the only one sided ovary and/or fallopian tube is malfunctioning, pregnancy maybe possible by in- vitro fertilization. The chances of getting pregnant with one ovary and one fallopian tube depends also on other fertility parameters and overall couple health. The key of success here is to opt for a experienced surgeon and fertility clinic with a good track record.




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