Cesarean Section Vs Natural Birth

May 5, 2018

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Surrogacy centers in Delhi and Infertility centers in Pune state that there are an uncountable number of women who are in a tight-spot about which out of the two major ways of birthing babies is better for their and their baby’s well-being. However, it is extremely important for them to know as much as they possibly can to help them choose the right method for themselves.

Natural Birth

A natural birth is the process of birthing wherein the baby is born through the cervix and vagina of the mother. It is a natural process where the baby is pushed out of the uterus due to the pressure of the contractions in the uterus and also the pressure that the mother applies.

Although natural birth is comparatively more painful than other birthing practices ,the majority of the features and consequences are positive.

• It is a natural process.
• No medications , anesthesia or medical instruments are required or used for the delivery of the baby.
• No incisions are made on the mother’s body.
• The recovery from a natural delivery is faster than that in any other method.
• The mother does not need to curb or truncate her daily activities.

Cesarean Section

A cesarean section or C-section is the kind of birthing procedure in which an incision is made in the abdomen of the mother slicing through the skin, muscles and uterus to reach the amniotic sac from where the baby is pulled out.

Alarmingly, a very common procedure amongst pregnant women today, the number of cesarean section births has increased greatly in the past few decades. Delhi fertility clinics claim that indeed, there has been considerable growth in cesarean section surgeries with approximately 30 to 40 percent increase all around the world. Around 33.4 percent in the US, 50 percent in China, approximately 35 percent in South America and one out of every five pregnancies or 20 percent pregnancies in India conclude with a cesarean section. It might look like it has a lot of advantages; however, they last only temporarily. Thus, it is only suggested when the delivery requires it.

A c-section surgery has a lot of positive and negative aspects to it:

• It is much less painful than a natural birth and the usage of anesthesia makes it further less painful.
• It gives greater chances of survival for mother and child.
• It is not natural.
• It has many long term side-effects like the truncation of certain physical activities for the mother.
• The incision made for the extraction of the baby takes a long time to heal and there are greater chances of the “wound” caused by the surgery of getting infected.
• If the mother has already had a c-section in a previous birth, the second pregnancy might suffer from some complications. For example, the placenta may be deeply attached to the endometrium due to the scar of the old c-section and may be harder to remove from the uterus later.

Once the embryo successfully implants itself to the uterine wall, an IVF pregnancy loses its dissimilarities from a normal pregnancy. Therefore, there is no set birthing procedure for IVF patients. Yet, most of the patients go for c-section surgeries as it seems safer for them and the baby as well as guarantees a delivery sans complications.

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