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May 7, 2018

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Gone are the days when men and women used to marry in their 20s. At least in big cities, most of the men and women are career-oriented and want to settle down only after they reach a certain position in their careers. They are exceedingly diligent and focused and don’t think about marriage when they are in their 20s. Only once they are in their mid-30s or later, the idea of getting married strikes them. Their strenuous schedule during the time when they are busy establishing themselves in their chosen professions does not usually allow them the time to mingle with other people and explore the idea of marriage. Being successful and financially secure is a priority for them.

Once they establish and cement their repute as adroit professionals, many think about the prospects of marriage. Hence it is commonplace to witness marriages between women in their mid-30s with men in their late 30s or early 40s. But many couples realize only after marriage that their biological system is no longer as robust as it used to be in their salad days as the quality of eggs decline with age. That is when they come to terms with the reality that with age, it becomes difficult for women to conceive. Even the success-rate of IVF is relatively lower in cases which involve older women.

Since such couples are mostly well-read and progressive, they understand this situation and come to grip with it. They don’t stir up hullaballoo or get hysterical. They handle such situation with sangfroid and maturity. Also, the fact that all is not lost for them is huge succor. It is not as if all IVF cases involving older women come a cropper; while the chances of success become relatively lesser, there are many cases which witness resounding success.

Another challenge with stare older couples in the face is whether they would be good parents at this age. This concern is mostly unfounded and doctors can efface this with edifying counsel. The truth is that couples in their late 30s or early 40s are more mature and mellowed than the ones in 20s. They also have seen a fair bit of life so all the experience they have gleaned comes in handy while raising a child.

In fact, in some ways, becoming parents in their 30s & 40s is often a blessing in disguise since older couples are more erudite as well as more financially secure

. So they are in a better position to provide holistic upbringing to a child.

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