Dr. Lipsa Mishra

May 21, 2018

ivf in bhubneshwar
ivf in bhubneshwar

Dr. Lipsa Mishra

Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist

  • M.D.
Awards, Recognition & Area of Specialisation
  • Honours in Physiology and Pharmacology
  • Best paper presentation on cancer cervix
  • 5 paper publications
  • 3 case reports
  • 3 years senior residency at AIIMS BBSR
  • Fellowish in reproductive medicine Indira IVF
Advice from our specialist
  • Awareness is the biggest problem of infertility in India and due to this, the treatment gets delayed. Also, male infertility is often ignored which is also a serious problem. Therefore, it is necessary to educate them about it and motivate them to talk about their fertility conditions. Early detection of causes and availability of healthcare services for infertility can increase the success rate to achieve pregnancy.

Introduction Video

छोटी बच्चेदानी से माँ बनने में क्यों आती है समस्या ? डॉ. लिप्सा मिश्रा |

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