Ectopic Pregnancy Causes- Introduction

From the time of fertilization till pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through a number of steps. During one of these steps, the fertilized egg reaches the uterus and attaches itself there. However, in an ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg doesn’t follow this step. An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants and grows outside the main cavity of uterus, like Fallopian tube, Cervix, Abdominal cavity etc. An ectopic pregnancy can’t lead to or develop into a live birth. Apart from the uterus, the embryo cannot survive anywhere else. If not treated, this can have threatening consequences. With immediate treatment, you will be able to reduce the complications and various other risks and enhance your chances of healthy pregnancies in the future, and also decrease several health complications.

What is the causes of an ectopic pregnancy?

The exact cause of an ectopic pregnancy is still unknown and not very clear. However, some of the conditions, which influence this disorder, are;

  • The scarring or inflammation of the fallopian tubes, which can be a result of a prior medical disorder, an infection, or maybe a surgery.
  • Various hormonal factors can also lead.
  • It can also be a result of genetic abnormalities.
  • There are a few medical conditions, which can affect the shape and even the condition of the reproductive organs, including the Fallopian tube.

However, not all cases are the same. If you ever notice any symptoms related to this disorder, visit a doctor immediately.

What are the  ectopic pregnancy symptoms?

Generally ectopic pregnancy does not show any specific symptoms other than normal symptoms of Pregnancy like nausea, breast tenderness, sometimes pain in lower abdomen, Vaginal bleeding & faintius episodes may occur which are more specific for ectopic Pregnancy and Ectopic Pregnancy cost .

The early warning signs: Ectopic Pregnancy Cost

The first warning signs of this disorder are usually the pelvic pain and slight vaginal bleeding. If there is a leakage of blood from the Fallopian tube then you may also experience extreme abdominal pain or pelvic discomfort, with an urge to pass stools. If there is heavy bleeding, you may experience shoulder pain as well since the blood starts getting accumulated in your pelvis and abdomen. The specific symptoms of this disorder depend on where the accumulation of blood is taking place and the nerves that are getting disturbed because of it.

Symptoms of an emergency

As the fertilized egg continues to grow outside the uterus and on the Fallopian tube, it can lead to the rupture of the tube. This can cause heavy bleeding intraperitoneal and if immediate medical attention is not given, it can also be fatal. Other symptoms include; dizziness, fainting, extreme pain in the abdomen and even shock.

Who is more at a risk of ectopic pregnancy ?

First of all, it is important to realize that all women who are sexually active, at one point or another, are at a risk of ectopic pregnancy. However, the risk factors elevate because of the following reason;

  • If your maternal age is 35 or above
  • If you have had prior surgeries, such as pelvic surgery, abdominal surgeries and two or more pregnancy terminations.
  • If you have a history of pelvic inflammatory disease or PID
  • If you suffer from endometriosis
  • If you have achieved pregnancy despite tubal ligation or intrauterine device.
  • If the pregnancy is because of various fertility drugs or procedures.
  • If you smoke cigarettes
  • If you have a history with STDs or sexually transmitted diseases, like Chlamydia or gonorrhoea
  • If you suffer from structural abnormalities of the fallopian tube, which makes it difficult for the egg to travel.

If you have hard ectopic pregnancy before, you are at increased risk.

How can you prevent it?

There is no way to prevent it, but you can reduce the risks by;

  • Reducing the number of sexual partners
  • Using a condom, always, while having sex as it helps prevent STDs or sexually transmitted diseases and can always decrease the risks of pelvic inflammatory disease.
  • No smoking

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